Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Looting or "No Soup For You!!"

"Looting (Hindi lūṭ, akin to Sanskrit luṭhati, [he] steals; also Latin latro, latronis "thief")—also referred to as sacking, plundering, despoiling, despoliation, and pillaging—is the indiscriminate taking of goods by force as part of a military or political victory, or during a catastrophe, such as during war,[1] natural disaster,[2] or rioting" --Wikipedia

We've all been there. You bite it. The cause is insignificant. One less ticket. If it's bad, you might get the old frank and beans on the forehead from some overzealous assailant. If it's REALLY bad it might come with a side of prox chat and vague references to certain family members.

Now comes Looting. They haven't been specific about it, but they said it's in there. And that's something that most players want to pay REAL close attention to. Sure, in some shooters the enemy has the option to pick up your kit and you can pick up theirs. But that is a temporary issue and usually isn't worth the effort if you are on a hot streak. Looting? That's a new consequence for the average console player.

What we are talking about here, to be specific, is the act of engaging a "Loot" option over a downed player that opens up a small menu allowing for the "taking" of either gear, resources such as energy, metals or money & ammo or more from the downed players personal inventory. And keep it! For good! Got that?
What this means for the console player is that when you go into every single match, you are going to want to be VERY sure about the gear you are taking, the field on which you are playing and the team you are playing with. Never take gear you can't afford to lose would be the day 1 motto & learn it well lest you be one of the many who undoubtedly lose their precious some day in the hopefully not too distant future. It won't be surprising if it's scaled to the sec levels, time will tell. But the risk of losing your hard earned kill-stick, something you either crafted over a long period of time or skilled like crazy to unlock, could up the games overall intensity level pretty high, especially between clans that have longstanding rivalries going back to other games and maybe even previous consoles.

As an added element of theatrics, it should be interesting to see the results of said looting when PLAYER A loses some rare piece of gear to PLAYER B and PLAYER B offers to sell it back for 10x. That's the kind of forum thread fodder that has been sorely missing from console FPS forums over the last few years. I'm sure the EvE players consider it old hat, but hopefully the looting issue is one of those things console players can come to terms with if console games are going to make any progress out of their current stagnant state.


  1. hilarious. good read.

  2. interesting. really want to know if we can loot the reserves of bases we capture too.

  3. I wonder if loot will dropped as soon as you die, it would kind of suck, but its the only way that really makes sense (unless you deposit it somewhere before dying)

  4. I honestly don't really see this as a good idea.It sounded good at first,but the more I think about it,then it kinda negates the point of even owning high end equipment,for fear that you will lose it.

    Seems that they need to put some sort of limitations on what exactly can be looted.

  5. i wonder how they'll do it. when's the next dev blog?

  6. So if you die, then respawn... would you be able to loot yourself?