Friday, March 16, 2012

IGN Intro great template for Tutorials

Recently IGN did a great mash-up of what we can expect to see in Dust 514, and to be honest it creates a great template for a method that CCP can use to introduce casual players to "how to be successful" in New Eden. It's always been our opinion that the time is NOW to start educating potential players. People tend to tune out and focus on KDR when the bullets start flying--so it couldn't be a better time to start showing potential players how much depth Dust will offer in addition to game mechanics, tactics, and other pointers. Semi-casual players who may have heard of the game but that read game media will quickly pick-up on the short and informative vids that detail how a capacitor works, the benefits of the MCC in addition to the Pros and Cons of things like the Heavy Dropsuit. Now is a much better time than waiting until gamers have a joystick in their hands and are clicking through as fast as they can to get to shoot something.

These same videos can be used as a teaching tool in a mandatory Tutorial Section for the game. These will be geared towards the casual never-heard-of-dust players who will be undoubtedly exposed to New Eden thanks to the F2P model CCP wisely chose. Much like the Terms and Conditions prompts we often see, it would be an advantage to the game as a whole to have videos that have to be viewed before they leap into gameplay as residents of one of the most deep, complex and enjoyable experiences ever to grace the console. Combined with an involved tutorial section where they experience New Eden history, game controls, hack terminals and even try nanohives for the first time, we can't see a better way of helping them get quickly up to speed.

IGN Link


  1. +1. the more people who know what they're doing the better.

  2. YES PLEASE DO SOME tutorials but make them story friendly!!!

    make them so they grab you for the first min and and dont let go until its over,
    it doesn't have to be all guns blaising it can be calm or soothing, but let it be interesting let it be remembered and some what meaning full, i cant tell you how many time your videos/your music have made me want to play EvE again.

    one last thing i I like your new trailers like CDIA files and such but I think its better for your old fans and you new ones to bring in something new and something old ok?

  3. really hope they do this.

  4. agree. we all know what happens when they DONT do this.