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Copy of a Psycho 5: Crash

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His blade tears through the muscles of my forearm, and nail me against the tall rock behind me. I can feel it sawing through my bones. I watch my knife, what looks like my only hope for escape, hit the ground with a soft clink. I want to kill this fucker so much, I want to make him suffer for this, so I do.

I knee him the the gut to force him to release the knife along with my left arm, then pull the blade from my forearm, and lunge at him. He grabs my wrist tightly to try to stop me from ramming the knife into his skull, and it becomes a contest of strength. Fueled by adrenaline, I manage to gradually push the knife closer to his head, but he starts to generate far more strength than me; with only one arm usable I am at a serious disadvantage. The pain and blood-loss takes its toll. He manages to push me back against the large rock and started to bash my head against it, over and over without stopping, and then starts to slam his fist against my head. I could feel the helmet of my heavy dropsuit starting to crack, but with my still-functioning hand, I jam the knife into his incoming fist and kick him in the face knocking him back. He fell flat on his ass, and then I plunge the knife through his forearm while enjoying his squealing cry. I press my foot on chest-plate of his purplish Amarr heavy dropsuit to hold him down; somehow it seems wrong for a squealer like him to be wearing such fine armor with golden colored trim. He squirmed and tried to pull away like the way I did, but it was of no use.

Squad leader Malleo Horn started talking to me through the squad voice communication channel; probably for a status report, but I tune it out. I won't allow that asshole Horn to distract me this beautiful moment. I could smell the man's flesh cooking on contact with the searing hot plasma of his own blade, and I made sure to dig in deep between the bones the way he did to me, and to cut the muscle as well. I cut through across his arm, and keep cutting until it becomes a separate entity from its owner. He screams a deliciously painful and desperate sound as he realizes his arm just got severed. I stab the other arm next rendering it useless, and then remove his red-striped helmet. That impressive survivor we encountered earlier turned out to be nothing to a scared sweaty little man under that helmet, and his lips would not stop quivering as he looked at me with eyes filled with terror. I pull my helmet off, and lean down and bite his lower lip while looking into his fearful confused eyes. While smiling, i clenched my teeth until i feel his blood oozing. With a swift motion i pull, and rip his lower lip as well as much of his flesh right off his face to reveal a shade of red much like that of the sky of this world. He urgently screams louder, and burning tears run down his face. I spit the ripped flesh back to his face on his forehead.

"Revenge is a bitch, isn't it, I bet now you fucking wish you died in that LLV with the others instead" I said to him.

I grabbed his nanite injector to heal my forearm before the adrenaline high wore off allowing the pain return... but also to prevent him from healing himself. While I inject my arm with tiny machines to fix me, I thought about how I wanted him to suffer for what he did to me, and I was full of sadistic rage still after this, but he looked dead already from shock and blood-loss. I better find someone else to take this out on.

Soon after, my arm was fully heals, I look around for my assault rifle, but notice the CRG-3 plasma shotgun on the corpse of the body I was originally dragging, and decide to use it instead. The corpse had eight lead charge rounds left, and I scavenged them, then put my helmet back on. 

"Wulf! What the fuck was that?! Can you hear me?! What is going on?! REPORT!" asked Horn through the speaker of my helmet.

"Everything is fine now, I got attacked by that guy who was riding around on that Limbus LLV earlier, that one who survived, he belonged to that red-slash Razdalek squad" I replied back.

"That sounded like a pretty grusome kill, I could hear him screaming over the comms... you weren't drinking his blood or eating him, were you?" Horn said in a half joking tone. 

"Haha, off-course not" I said dismissively, hoping he doesn't notice the fear in my voice.

"I'm going to resume stealth killing now" I added.

Fuck, Sharsa told him about her... suspicions. Its not like a little cannibalism really hurt anyone who was already dead. I run through the maze of rocks to get close to the installations again, and see at least ten Razdalek marines swarming towards Horn's HAV with their anti-vehicle loadouts. I was in the midst of a sea of sound, and the waves crashed against my ears. While they're distracted by the roar of the HAV's cannons, I run through the mist and sneak behind them. I close in on a man in scout armor until I am only two meters from him, and for some reason he is trying to fire at the HAV from fifty meters away with a Killswitch GEK-38 assault rifle as if it could take the Marauder down; what a moron. I aim down the sight while running towards him. I squeeze the trigger and release a spreading burst of multiple plasma charges right to his head frying his brain into a hot bubbling liquid. The shot knocked him off his feet, and flung his now lifeless body headfirst into the dirt. While running, I immediately pull the shotgun's crank to flush the coolant inside, and approached the unsuspecting enemies. I repeated the process several times, and released storms of plasma rounds though the the vitals of three enemy soldiers. I pull the crank again and approach a fourth target who wears a prototype assault dropsuit, but he turns around then notices me charging towards him. He reflexively starts unloading automatic fire at my direction. The muzzle flash obscures his weapon, and his shots hammer against my shields before I dive and roll to the left to evade his shots; I quickly hipfire and crank before firing again, but a loud bang crashes through the air, and the enemy soldier flies back while a splatter of blood gushes from his head. 

"Yo Wulf! I got your back, remember?" said... Gallentean sniper guy over the comms.

"I almost forgot you guys existed, I could have really used your help with something earlier" I said.

"Sorry dude, too much mist, and you were behind those huge rocks" he said back. 

"Hyagovi! focus on me and Sharsa, we need sniper fire against anti-vehicle attacks! Wulf I need you to get closer and help take them down" Horn interrupts.

"I'm coming now" I reply.

I run towards the vehicle while wondering if this ridiculous plan was working. I wondered if the Maraikhom Alliance would accept her wild demands, and the even wilder lies she told to justify the demands. I think back to that day in the Mariokhom Alliance's starbase during that meeting reguarding the joining of our corporation, Stateless Society, with their alliance. She demanded one-thirds of all territories captured from the Razdalek! In exchange for such outrageous demands, she claimed Stateless Society would fight most of the battles in the alliance war. I can see our CEO and commander, Namir Serr, standing up in the middle of the meeting while dressed in a white tunic, her braided hair, and the glow of the the star-map hologram reflecting on her brown skin as she talked with confidence. Her glowing prosthetic blue eyes looking sharply with calm pride as she made that false proclamation about our squad to make these old men believe that we didn't need them, and that it was them that needed us, "These are the finest marines you will ever find. This squad alone has wiped out entire regiments of Heavy Attack Vehicles on their own. Each time these men suffered a death in battle, the death has been analyzed by battlefield researchers coordinating with top geneticists to upgrade the their clones to fit the user better. and thus decrease their deaths. They come back stronger, deadlier, more resilient, and overall better killing machines. Having died thousands of times they are the most battle-hardened, experienced, and efficient marines in this whole region, not even to mention this room. My Elite Guard could wipe out all five other guard squads if they wanted to in the blink of an eye" she told them. I start to laugh as the memories of this absurd moment in time comes back to me. I should not be laughing now, this battle was the test to prove that lie of how superior we were, and we had to convince that supervisor at the Mariokhom Alliance watching from the MCC that we were really that good. 

I reach the site of the battle between our HAV and the Razdalek anti-vehicle group. I hear the crashing sound of a rocket against the vehicle, and look around in search of the source. I spot two soldiers hiding behind some boulders; probably to evade sniper fire from... Hyagovi and that other one... Souratan I think, the one with the face tattoos. 

"Guys, I spotted them, I'm going in for the kill" I whisper to the quad through our chat channel.

"Good luck" someone replies.

There is no such thing as luck, but only cause and effect, this was the law of the universe, at least at a macroscopic level. Even the landing of a flipped coin is merely the effect of a cause; the starting position of the coin, the amount of force applied by the thumb, the directionality of the flip, and the level of gravity. I walked between the tall rock formations until I could clearly see the targets, and pulled out the knife. One of them was wearing a scout dropsuit, and the other was wearing a Caldari assault dropsuit. I approached the one in the scout dropsuit, then plunged the sharp cause I held in my hand through his head, and the effect was his bloody death. The other quickly turned around while pulling out his knife, and attempted to return the favor. I quickly grab his wrist, and smack his face hard with the back of my hand. He drops the knife while falling against a rock.Before he can get up, I grab the plasma shotgun, and splatter his brains all over the floor like a squashed insect.

"Its done" I tell my squad.

"Nice work" Someone replies.

Before we could let our guards down, two fast moving Prometheus dropships arrive and begin firing at us. One seems to be concentrating its fire on me as I dive behind cover to evade, and the other tries to drain the capacitor banks of the HAV. I take a rocket launcher from the closest fresh corpse, and look into the scope. I fired and watched rockets slam into the dropship, and it spun out of control before slamming against the ground exploding. Sharsa fires the HAV's guided heavy missiles, and the remaining dropship starts to loose control. I see the pilot jumping out of the ship before it explodes, and he is covered by the blue light of his inertia canceller, but before he hits the ground, I hear the sound of sniper fire. The bastard dies before he hits the ground.

"Nice work Souraten" says Horn

"War God squad, nice work, the enemy reinforcements has been significantly reduced because of your assault on these installations. I'm impressed only one squad was capable of this, maybe you guys really are superhuman soldiers" said commander Namir Serr jokingly.

"Thank you, we do our best at exterminating these assholes" Horn replies.

"Now get the fuck out of here, I have a surprise coming in" Serr commands.

"But mam... won't they just come back and attack in huge numbers once we leave and just..." Souraten starts to say.

"Just trust me, just find that LLV you guys highjacked and get out, when enough enemies deploy here, with what little clones they have left... you'll see" she says.

Horn and Sharsa leave the vehicle, and I join them as we walk in the direction of the LLV. The snipers were over a hundred meters away, and closer to the vehicle. They reached it first, and drove back to pick up the rest of us before we were spotted by deploying enemies. I hang on to the back of the vehicle along with Sharsa, and though I could not see her eyes through that helmet, I could feel her eyes judging me a monster as if she could smell the blood on my lips, but she was keeping her mouth shut in this instance, so I guess its fine. As the Limbus LLV recklessly raced across the rough rocky terrain, and I looked up at the blood red sky and saw something large metallic and burning quickly ripping through the cloud.

"Guys, look behind us at the sky!" I yell while pointing at the object.

"Holy shit!" said Horn as he looked back while hanging on to the turret.

The burning object smashed through right into the enemy installation site, the explosion was tremendous, and surely left nothing alive or functioning. The shockwave reached us, slammed against the vehicle, and flipped it on its side. 

"What the fuck! was this her plan?!" Yelled squad leader Horn.

"Well, she did warn us" I say in her defense.

"They should be surrendering soon, with this last hit we pretty much wiped out most of their clones, did you enjoy the show?" Serr said.

"What the fuck was that!" yelled Horn.

"That was a Minmatar shuttle I secretly sent out , as far as the Mariokhom Alliance's supervisor knows, it was you five that wiped out an entire installation and killed all these people, I think we convinced him"
When I heard this, all I could do was laugh out loud.


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