Friday, March 30, 2012

Advert: Bloodsport

I am Inara Mys and I am a merchant in the most exciting athletic event the galaxy offers.

Man-on-Man Gladitorial Combat.

I seek to hire those that value fame, fortune and the satisfaction that comes from defeating the galaxy's best in one-on-one combat. My gladiators will be among the best compensated and revered throughout the galaxy. As such, I seek only FPS warriors of the highest skill level. Serious applicants can provide this blog with their contact information and expect to have it forwarded to me.

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  1. so ready to go all on spartacus on you noobz

  2. i would apply but i might suck lol

  3. People of Capua! [Insert Battiatus speech here]

  4. As a paying EVE player I have sincere interest in this. Is there a consensus? In the games filtering into Dust are there agreed upon elite players that can excel in a man on man environment?

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