Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Pitfalls of New Eden

As a brand-new Dust 514 Mercenary Corporation you must understand the often cold, unforgiving place that is the galaxy of New Eden. Tread carefully as there are pitfalls that swallow new residents whole and spit out nothing but bleached bones. Along with EVE's fabled "leaning cliff" and accepted treachery here are a number of pointers, advice and recommendations that some pod pilots have been kind enough to share with us--we hope you put them to good use.

1. Don't Fly what you can't afford to lose - A popular EVE adage, pilots repeat this about as often as they draw breath. The lesson here is that not only must you be careful but everything must be backed up. TWICE. Make careful contingencies and assume Murphy's Law is on par with Newton's.

2. Sound too good to be true? It probably is - New Eden is a haven for the untrustworthy and scheme-worthy. Suckers enter EVE every hour or so--don't get taken.

3. Might makes Right - The power to do something simultaneously dictates the authority and morality of the same act. In this true sandbox, Right and Wrong are dictated by the size of your alliance and the amount of firepower or force you can bring to bear.

4. Trust No One - This is a medium where deceit, spying, betrayal, scams and skull-duggery are smiled upon. Never forget this and you're a step ahead.

5. Travel Light - Along the lines of #1, New Eden is known for its pirates, gankers and other types that make a habit of leaving with that which does not belong to them. Take as many measures as you can to ensure they don't leave with that which belongs to YOU.

6. Know who you're messing with - You're a DUST Noob and there's no shame in it, as long as you accept it. New Eden is almost 10 years old, so its veterans aren't going to bow down to you or be the slightest bit impressed by your exploits unless you've done it on the EVE stage. There are corporations so powerful that they could squash you like a bug. Face-offs with GoonSwarm? Probably not a good idea. Threatening Pandemic Legion? Think Again. Getting on the Russians' bad side? Certain Death. Know your place and everything will turn out fine. Forget you're the 98-pound weakling and you might not live to regret it.

7. Allies are Important - Wait! What? We know, we know. We just told you not to trust anyone, correct? Here's the Catch-22: You'll go nowhere fast in New Eden without strong allies. We told you this was not going to be easy. Think of trust as a fluid concept and you'll be better off in the long run.

8. Find an EVE Ambassador -The duality of needing help and carefully watching your "allies" rears its ugly head here, again. If you're a new DUST Corp to-be it will be vital to associate yourself with those familiar with the New Eden landscape--even if only for a brief period.

9. High-Sec is your friend - One EVE veteran told us, "high sec is the friend of whiny carebears who want everything given to them for as little effort as possible." Still, there is a certain measure of protection that exists for those who are getting their feet wet for the first time. USE IT.

10. Skills are Gold - While ISK and territory are certainly priorities, given the fact that skills will play the same roles in EVE/Dust there is no substitute for the knowledge necessary to run a corp, oversee mining ops
or rain hell on your enemies. Besides, a fool and his ISK are soon parted...or something like that.

We sincerely hope you've found this little chat useful. We certainly have. Hopefully you've gleaned some measure of getting yourself started in New Eden. Here's looking forward to the post-FanFest period so we can all get our hands on some beta keys!


  1. thats cool
    I cant say how much 1. and 2. are importand!!!

  2. Since we don't know what any of the mechanism will be in Dust, we can't really say for sure what kinds of scams there will be, but there is one overriding principle to keep in mind:

    Do not assume that CCP will intervene to make them give back your stuff!

    If you have any doubts about the security of a transaction ask around. If you are still not sure, don't do it.