Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basic Rights Groups: "Kill Switch Unethical"

GP - This week marks another round of protests by Basic Rights Groups against a recent judgement that allowed the clones developed by corporations to be designated as property.

Weeks ago it was revealed that the new generation of clones were hard-coded with "Kill Switches" in their DNA that allow researchers to end their lives immediately by remote. When this information was revealed by a confidential insider, Basic Rights Groups immediately went on the offensive.

 EQ-CA's Lead Counsel argued in court today that "There isn’t any doubt that convictions and opinions concerning the indisputable fact that no one is given the legal right to take another person’s life. We're appalled at the legal loopholes afforded some of these corporations so that these people--these clones are considered property instead of what they really are--LIFE." Could we see a reversal in the court's decision? Only time will tell. Until then, these corporations will have the ability to play God with the lives of the clones they generate.

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