Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally...new Dust footage!

The newest Playstation Pulse video has a gem for long-suffering Dust 514 fans anxious to see gameplay. NEW FOOTAGE.

Use the link below for all the long overdue, nice-looking but short-lived goodness. (it starts at 1:59)



  1. pretty much confirms hacking is in. thats really good.

  2. environs look good.

  3. need moar footage!

  4. Starting to look a bit epic. I think for those that don't make it into the beta, the need to set up a dust channel where they upload footage each day from the tests.

  5. Looks pretty awesome, just wished more of the scale was shown. The way the VLB zooms in... will take getting use too. The dropping in from the sky sort of reminds me of Section 8 Prejudice (in a good way).

  6. Wish there was more to show than just a few seconds,but it looks really good so far.

  7. Yea... no.

    I'm going with a meh for right now. I could care less about another game that plays like the usual suspects. Oh wow, we have Halo like multiplayer, but on a bigger scale and more depth! That sounds great for Halo multiplayer fanatics, etc. For me, I always disliked Halo multiplayer (yes, I got my ass handed to me one too many times lol). Sucks that I've been waiting for a game that isn't marketed for me. Ah well, here's to hoping Warhammer 40k blows my mind in a couple years.

    1. Rapp......yea, I'm meh on 20 seconds of footage. Really exciting. Halo on Xbox live....pwnd? That's the great thing about all these PS3 chest thumping killers. Wow, get on Xbox pull of the same thing and then come on here and talk big........oh got your ass handed to you on Xbox?
      There are beasts everywhere in that crap. Here's to the future of Dust saving the FPS genere that's been dumbed down and diluted by the MW series and all of it's shitty clones. Peace

  8. High health - check
    Fast pace - check
    Vehicles - check

    looking good so far. at least i know ppl gotta work for their kills and not get quick easy kills like cod. Much more satisfying knowing u EARNED those kills and had better and more consistent aim than the other guy.

    Need to see some footage of the Fat suit goin up against a tank tbqh :P