Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dreams of Dust

With more gameplay videos, information and Dev Blogs forthcoming and with CCP's FanFest quickly approaching, Mordu's Private Trials aren't far off. We were thinking recently about some of the things we can't wait to experience in Dust 514, so we decided to list a few.

1. Since parachutes are outdated, Imagine the coolness factor Dropsuits could offer, You simply haven't lived until you've HALO'd into a Dust warzone.

2. Who isn't excited to call in airstrikes or if we have the piloting skills and munitions, drop one yourself!

3. Could there be a greater rush than the prospect of watching fighter pilots battle it out in the skies over the Dust battlefield?

4. If you're like us you're anticipating the social areas being a place where we encounter friends and enemies alike. Don't those sound like the perfect places for hidden weapons, ambushes or even assassination attempts? (Balanced by "costing" ecessive amounts of War Points)

5. We shudder to think of the artillery or mortar options Dust Mercs will possess. Camp at your own risk.

6. We recently watched the VTOL aircraft at the end of the 2009 Dust Gameplay Video and the latest PSN video recently (both basically confirm planetary flight) Dogfights are the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Correct us if we're wrong, but didn't the MCC Explosion in the gameplay video look thermonuclear?

8. Fighting on Temperate planets are a given, but what about conflict on gaseous planets where only aircraft battles exist? Or Water Giants where there are only sea battles?

9. We also noticed Nanite Injectors from the 2009 video. We're wondering if a more powerful injector can be used to revive the incapacitated?

10. We wonder if the MCC will be able to ram structures or perhaps even self-destruct?

11. The Recon Class sounds interesting. Could we see the ability to disguise ourselves or other sneaky more devious abilities?

12. How cool would it be to have drugs and other chemicals that boosted your mercs attributes or resistances? They wouldn't be without side effects...

13. The bevy of skill choices and fits for our mercs looks to be a virtual smorgasboard. How will your Dust Merc be scaled and outfitted? Quick and Stealthy or Slow and Armored? Perhaps a mixture of the two? Oh the possibilities...

14. The ability to train has already been confirmed, but just how deep does the rabbit hole go? Will it be something featureless or an all-inclusive training that will set a new standard and allow operations as detailed as War Games and other exercises? We're eagerly awaiting the answer.


  1. got my fingers crossed for #6.

  2. 2) If by airstrike you're refering to space fired cannon. Well only Capsuleers will be able to do that

    4)I really dont think there will really be any social areas the way you see it. They
    just mentionned 3D lobbies to prep for battle.
    Besides, this lobby is in the War Barge of your team. So how could an ennemy be in it ?

    8) Fighting will take place on temperate and barren planet type at first. It sounded like they have plan for oceanic (where there's still little piece of land) and Ice planet.

    11)For heaven's sake.. Disguise ? i pray that nothing like that will be in DUST.
    Some cloaking device why not.