Friday, January 20, 2012

Advert: The Black Friar Firm

Black Friar Firm will be based in Angel Cartel space and have three primary focuses. First, the Firm will be a paramilitary corporation or Merc Corp; in terms of both space faring terms as well as terrestrial terms, and as such will naturally need to live in lawless space. Our pilots will take contracts such as gate camping, pipe line systems and covert deep strikes of high value targets such as Cyno Jammers, High/Low sec warfare and supply line attrition warfare. In the future we will expand this into full on Total War but this will be where we will start. There will be a strong focus on how we actually fight as we believe that blob warfare is counter productive. For Eve pilots expect strong focus on ship capabilities, how they are used and how to exploit those bonuses in a synergistic manner that will make even small fighting units capable engaging fleets larger then them through the use of logi ships, EWAR and general unit cohesion.

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For terrestrial warriors expect a strong focus on squad warfare where everyone has a role to play and are expected to do there part in that unit. We will focus on drills to build up cohesion. Most likely a squad will be comprised of a Sniper team made of a Sniper and someone to watch his/her back while they provide sniper support for the main unit comprised of an Engineer, two Medics, two assualt soldiers and a heavy weapons soldier.

Second we will focus on industry. The primary goods we will manufacture will be Cartel Faction ships and boosters.

Ship replacement and free combat ships will be a goal for us. Shares paid out regularly and on a set schedule have always been a part of my corps. Pay outs will of course be paid out on a as warranted basis so even top tier corp members wont get a free pass on getting ISK.

Expect ranks awarded based on merit rather then senority. Eve has taught me that even my trusted Lieutenants can and will stab me in the back and so people should only ever be given trust based on what they have earned and extending credit in such matters only tempts people to abuse that credit. If you have proven yourself a good leader you will be awarded a squad or some position equal to your merits and enjoy the perks of that role. Lack of involvment will not be punished, Real Life always comes first....ALWAYS.

If you find that you like what you are reading here and are intrested PM me as Aliaties in Eve Online, here on the Forums as Ayers or on PSN as Kelevra7901 for more info.