Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Should a Web-App do?

With a game that provides as much depth as Dust 514 promises to, it's almost necessary to push the envelope with features that will set a new standard for multiplayer. We've seen some of the web-apps for popular games like BF3 and COD and were left feeling like there was something missing. Sure, they add to the game slightly, but they don't allow us to truly interact with the game on any level whatsoever. They simply aren't a necessity and don't truly enhance your game experience. A truly integral web-app gives us the ability to make changes to our characters and corporations despite not being logged onto our PS3. That is the NEW standard.

Organize - In addition to giving players the ability to upload images, and create their individual Corp 'Pages' for entry into a corporation listing of sorts, giving players the ability to add or remove corp members from the application is important as well.

Messaging - While we doubt we'll have the ability to message those in-game from the web, Oh Boy if we could! Ok fine, we'll settle for being able to send and receive on an web-app mailbox.

Profile - The run-of-the-mill web profile is so last-gen. In addition to an avatar, why not include the numerous areas for customization here like race, corporation, alliance, quotes and even a short bio?

Check Background - In addition to letting us view another player's profile and stats. Give us the ability to verify alternate accounts. We should have the ability to see what PSN Master Account a person is registered under. And if not this, perhaps what groups, titles, etc the player has been in.

See Online - Being able to see which of our Corp or Alliance members are online is good.

Check Stats - Its almost a given we'll be able to look at our stats and the stats of players we search for.

Forums - Another given here. Message Boards are pretty basic.

Leaderboards - This is expected but not really necessary as Dust isn't really a game where you're in first-place. Although a clan based leaderboard would be nice for some of the more 'hardcore' clans. While, this would be nice, no one would really miss it, if it didn't make an appearance in Dust 514. (Perhaps someone else would make it?)

News and Updates - Important information about patch notes, server down times and special events is always welcome.

Organize Loadouts/Fits -This is important, and is one of the aspects many other web-apps overlook. In a nutshell, it allows us to address in-game aspects and change specifics about our weaponry when we aren't playing. If CCP wants a truly relevant web-app to enhance gameplay, this is the way to do it. Also, being able to see what other layouts your squad/clan players have on is a very cool thing.

Train Skills - Another way CCP can allow us to interact when we're logging hours at work and we're devising the perfect way to improve our characters. The ability to train for skills is necessary and should definitely make it in.

Customize Appearance -While this is certainly an aspect that should be an in-game option, the ability to make changes to our appearance from a PC or Mobile would do wonders for making a web-application a very useful tool. Access to a store where we can purchase appearance aspects through microtransaction isn't a bad idea either. Online players want to be individuals--looking just like everyone else is frowned upon.

Purchase - Here's where a well done web-app can really shine. So often players are preoccupied with shooting things when logged in and neglect some of the other things a game with depth can offer. Giving us the ability to purchase upgrades for our character, mecha and corporations would make the line between actual game and web-application seamless.

Theater - We addressed View Game in another post. Uncharted 2 set a precedent that many titles have been unable to follow when they allowed the recording and playback of games. What if we could save up to five recorded games on our web-app profiles? WOW.

Our thoughts in a nutshell. While we think these are good suggestions, the priority is Dust 514. These can come much latter through CCP or even a 3rd party. Warcraft had 'addons' that let people develop mods, and that worked great. In addition, mobile support through phones and other (VITA) would be icing on the cake. Will this all happen?


  1. these are great ideas.

  2. Id love to see some of these ideas, especially the theater mode. And maybe a clan ladder system in the leaderboards where you could issue challenges to other clans via the app.