Sunday, December 11, 2011

Games Modes Part 1: Staying True to EVE

We've been thinking a lot recently about the different type of Game Modes .vs. Sandbox style gameplay in regards to Dust 514 and after some debate we've come to the conclusion that both can be done, while still staying true to the fiction and story that is New Eden. We realize that EVE was here first and that staying true to EVE's plot is really the most important thing. The issues are simple, many console players aren't ready for the total sandbox style of EVE. They certainly want to participate in a title with this much depth, and with Dust being the first of its kind incorporating a truly tangible connection to a PC universe prospective players are certainly intrigued. Many of them will appreciate what the game offers outside of shooting people and immerse themselves in it, some will even become EVE players. But there are also the console players that simply want to enjoy the combat, and make no mistake, this is nothing to look down upon or scoff at. New Eden certainly has a place for single-minded soldiers--especially those good at what they do. The Drone Mentality fits perfectly into the EVE/DUST Mythos. There has never been a time where the powerful haven't used soldiers to further their own ends. Still, the average console player needs content and while Dust seems to have that in abundance, they also need variety. In truth, we all need variety or our gaming experiences begin to slow to a halt because of the grind of monotony.

A single game mode where players fight over territory, even if its on various planets with different environments will not hold the attention of console players for long. Again, they need variety to continue enjoying the experience. And there is really a way that it can be done without sacrificing the all-important integrity of the EVE fiction that is at the heart of both games.

We can incorporate both very easily. While the sandbox style is an EVE staple and certain to be an aspect of Dust 514, it would be very easy to add in Game Modes as types of Contracts. This way, players can choose what type of experience they want, something lengthy and deep, or something brief. Something hardcore and involved, or something basic and straightforward. Hopefully this could also allow EVE and Dust corps at a certain level to generate contracts to employ mercenaries as well. The types of contracts should be varied and offer much different experiences within them. Some contracts might be taken out an another corp, others might be on neutral territory that two parties desire. The possibilities are endless.

Sabotage - Pretty straightforward, this contract type asks a corp to destroy an asset. Perhaps its a facility, ship, or any kind of asset, really. Obviously there would be a time limit to complete for the contract to be successful and earn ISK.

Escort - Here's a contract type where either VIPs or assets need to move from one area to another. The contract would stipulate that these need to be protected at all costs. More difficult contracts like these may even offer more compensation. Corps might even haggle over a price.

Assassination - This kind of contract asks a corp to eliminate an individual. When that person is liquidated the contract is successful. NOTE: Assassins usually strike with the advantage of surprise. Perhaps this could be a smaller game type (1-4 assassins max) without the benefit of respawns that could even take place at Social Areas. One chance at an eliminating a target sounds about right and could make assassination contracts some of the more difficult and highly paid. GASP! Did we just invent a bodyguard mechanic? Why yes, it looks like we did :)

Capture/Steal - Just like it says, these type of contracts would have the corp take assets or secure personnel from another corp or political group for ransom (the Amarr finance minister for instance). The kind of assets could be chosen from a group that CCP could determine. Maybe experimental technology is the target, maybe blueprints, weapons caches or vehicles are the goal. The intent here would be to make off with whatever you're contracted to.

Seize Territory - This contract type has a corp seize control of predetermined territory by rival corps who either own it or are contracted to protect it. Obviously these contracts would be successful when the enemy is eliminated or the area is controlled.

These are just some of the ideas we had. We're sure CCP will think of much more imaginative ways to give us variety and options in Dust (like the ability to retreat from overmatched circumstances for instance) These options do a good job of allowing players to get a varied experience within Dust and avoid the blandness of a single repeated instance. Dust's calling card is that it will bring a truly revolutionary and tangible experience to FPS, giving people tired of "games that end with a meaningless score with no real progress" Its also a good idea to make certain that it offers one-of-a-kind variety in its gameplay as well.

Editor's Note: Wouldn't it be cool at the end of an interaction if the corp commander had the option to pay mercs or not to? This could add a number of great mechanics like asking for deposits up front, merc politics and the ever present value of Reputation.


  1. good read. assassination would be intriguing. thats almost like co-op. would be cool to take out hits on NPCs.

  2. CCP shouldnt give any mods...It should give the tools so u can roleplay the mods by yourselves...thats how EVE universe works

    Take for example a CORP has a fuel production facility...and u need to transport that fuel to the launch pad facility which ejects it to the space...Those amount of fuel is very the cORP gives a contract to keep that caravan safe and another DUST corp gets it to be destroyed...and there u have the escort mode

    For example the assasinate mode...There is war on a planet and a DUST corp pays another DUST corp to assasinate or destroy the pilot that fly the command center

    I want to say there should be any mods, but there should be tools so that mods can be executed in realtime...for example for assasinating/destroying a command ship u d need to use some stealth vechicles that atach explosive on the command ship...teritory having some anti stealth structures, havign also some special troops to sabotage those anti stealth structures

    PPL that is EVE univers, its a sandbox, we got the tools and we shape the game...pls no modes or some que battleground shit, no training simulators, get on the planet and practice in real time.

    Corps in EVE were practicinng for the tournaments with their ships in wormholes faraway for spy eyes

  3. roleplay is for geeks. contracts that turn into gamemodes for 100 alex!

  4. no training sims? u lost me there. thats an excellent idea.

  5. yeah no training sims...Get with your pals on a real planet and practice whatever u want. Maybe some fake ammo and veichle charges should be added so u cant actually kill a person if u dont want (in that case u could practice without actually killing your teammates). In that case more organized group would have more advantages which is fair. If u get simulators everyone would have all gear for free and ppl would play more in sims than in real fights. Sims would destroye what EVE stands for, sandbox, reality,imagination and ingenuity.

    When i reffered to "roleplay" the modes i ment modes in realtime. Use the tools that are provided and shape the game. U really wont believe what players with free arms to do what they want can came up with brillinat ides. U d see in DUST completely new modes or misc of many that this guy mentioned. It is much more real and exited instead "Click this button for a deatmatch, or click this button for a escort or whatever else mode".

    U guys were crying about having a persistent world, game not for everyone but only for those that are organized and have enough balls, intelligence and capabilities to survive in a harsh universe. That universe is EVE. Dont ruin it with by making it easier or making shortcuts for DUST players.

  6. keep in mind they're just suggestions. we're sure CCP will come up with some great ways to please everyone.

  7. I do have to point out that in Eve, pilots do have a low-risk place to practice tactics and try out the capabilities of new weapons. It is Singularity, Eve Online's test server. Some of the comments make it sound as if the alliance tourney teams were practicing on Tranquility, the live server.

    The real question to ask is will the big null sec alliances demand that DUST mercs get training facilities if they are not provided initially. After all, they will be paying out billions of isk in contracts. They will want to make sure the people they hire know what they are doing. And if CCP won't provide the facilities, will the big alliances be able to provide areas and facilities of their own? Creating ground facilities would be a pretty good isk sink and the game could use a couple right now. And renting the facilities to DUST corps could become a new industry.

  8. yeah i agree about a way to let DUST pl practice for sure. Facilities are a nice way.

  9. simulators and contracts that are game modes are a great idea. if you dont like them dont use them. u can still do ur sandbox if u want. two options.

  10. than go play COD mate

  11. agree with crucible. nothing wrong with game modes. especially if contracts are tied to them.

  12. couldnt agree more. played EVE for longer than most and i think the contract-game more options is a great idea. and what kind of idiot would complain about trainers? thats almost necessary.

  13. HAHAHA Lulz...
    some may find this inappropriate but so much

    on this thread :Þ

  14. For one, I love Flame Wars. I prefer to dump dry leaves over everything instead of gas though... more economical & efficient.

  15. i love that assassination contract idea. if we could do this at social areas that would be sweet! balance it by having it cost alot of War Points to attempt assassinations in social settings. that way they wouldnt happen much. and wouldnt be cheap.