Monday, December 12, 2011

Game Modes Part 2: Going In Deep

One area of importance that CCP have kept tight lipped about so far is Game Modes. We've chosen to focus on it a little more due to how much it affects console gamers unfamiliar with New Eden. The importance of game modes cannot be understated as these are one of the most fundamental parts of the game and whether or not the game will be enjoyable or seem just another moving generic death match to many. With mercenaries ultimately vying for control of planets and their resources, it is inevitable that the game modes will reflect this but how will CCP approach it?

With only the developer blog that talks about how matchmaking works, it is difficult to obtain any clues on how it will work. One important aspect will be how many players will be involved, too few and the games will seem shallow and insignificant in the grand scheme of things (entire planets are at stake here after all!). Too many and it could become one giant unorganized mess without controls to help keep a structure to battles.

It is important that every soldier feels they are doing their part and has their role so game modes should require a mixture of player types like a medic,demolitions, engineer, spy/recon along with slayers. There will have to be a lot of depth in the game modes, simply throwing everyone onto the same map to duke it out wont cut it in a modern FPS looking to distinguish itself from all of the COD clones. Gamers will have to feel like what they are fighting for actually means something which is why objectives should cause a chain reaction of events on the battlefield. How they could incorporate this for example may be to let defenders have an outpost that contains valuable fuel supplies. If attackers destroy this, defenders could have to ration fuel supplies meaning they can support far fewer vehicles on the battlefield at the same time as a result. With vehicles touted to play a major role in the game, maps must be of huge scale to make them relevant so there should be objectives or strategic points scattered across maps too.

But one question that must be asked is how deep is too deep?(that's what she said) The last thing CCP will want to do is scare off potential gamers who will feel overwhelmed by everything going on at once and not have a clue of what is going on or what they should be doing. This leads me to what I think will be the most important mode to ensure success for DUST.

Training Mode.

EVE has become renowned for not having a steep learning curve but a learning CLIFF. In EVE new players have to look to corps in order to find help to learn how to play the game effectively. If CCP follows the same route with DUST we could have a repeat of what happened with MAG. Games filled with randoms who don’t know what they are doing and end up being more of a hindrance to their team than help. This not only spoils the experience for the players who do know what they are doing and have to carry dead weight but it doesn't make for a enjoyable experience for the random who gets destroyed game after game.This is why I feel CCP should pay a great deal of attention to make a tutorial that not only explains the control scheme but also explains how to PLAY and make it compulsory for every player to complete the training mode before they can queue up for a real match. But one thing that is for certain. CCP MUST NOT DUMB DOWN THE GAME. Otherwise it will be just another shooter that fails to try and take some of the COD audience.

Here are a few suggestions for game modes:

Headquarters: Corporations have to store their ISK some where right? So surely it would make sense to target these locations and try to commandeer these locations to help hurt the enemies ability to wage war whether that be through acquisition or destruction. Attackers would fight their way through a fortified front-line while defenders scramble to prevent attackers from accessing their vaults where ISK is frantically being loaded onto a ship to escape. Defenders lose when the ship is fully loaded and escapes

Domination: Both sides fight to acquire neutral territory with several strategic outposts the winner is the side that holds the most outposts for the longest time or when one side holds every outpost.

Grounded: Mercenaries attack key ports that allow the importing and exporting of resources to and from the planet. Attackers win if they successfully destroy the port severely damaging the economy of that planet for its owners.

These are a few of the ideas we came up with in regards to enhancing the experience for the new player and making DUST into a platform where console players can feel at home as well. Better ideas? Alternatives? Leave them in the comments.


  1. I must say all these ideas are reeeeelllyyy good congrats and hopefully it will be implemented :)

  2. No mods in EVE universe pls..Its a sandbox afterall...U get a contract to destroy a facility or conquest a planet... u choose the time when it suits the most for you and least for your enemy (TZ)u go there and take it over...simple

  3. i love these ideas. great way to do game modes/contracts w/o upsetting he balance.

  4. Nice one mercernary y hope CCP its reading this!!

  5. "No mods in EVE universe pls..Its a sandbox afterall...U get a contract to destroy a facility or conquest a planet... u choose the time when it suits the most for you and least for your enemy (TZ)u go there and take it over...simple"


    This is how i expect it to be at least in null sec, as its sov warfare, assuming dust will be tied into sov, for these gamemodes, i see them as more for the people that wil just want to log and have a fight quickly, which will ofc be needed aswell. Im hoping faction warfare gets revamped cos i think dust could possibly tie into faction warfare for the quick battles at least.

  6. i don't care what you do just make it worth every second of my time.

  7. @Headquarters

    Storing ISK in a Headquarter on a planet? -.-