Sunday, January 8, 2012

Copy of a Psycho: Part 4 - SURVIVOR, WITNESS, & PREY

I was expecting more ice seeing how this is suppose to be a ice planet, but the Razdalek facilities are located near the equator where its pretty temperate. Our squad deployed, and begun a long journey to sneak all the way around, and attack the enemy installations from which they deploy. We'd been walking for maybe a kilometer, I know that's an exaggeration, but it feels like we have been.

 We've been assigned this insanely dangerous job of causing mass casualties to the enemy with no help from other squads so we'll look like superhuman monsters for some corporate deal to go through... the whole thing just started as a huge lie. What better way to do cause mass casualties than to sneak up from behind.  Commander Serr is counting on us to make sure no one sees through her lies, I suppose playing the part of deadly experienced heavily genetically-augmented supersoldiers does indeed sound fun. We're being watched by a supervisor from the Mariakhom alliance, he is the one we have to convince. I'm not sure who this supervisor is working for specifically, but something tells me it is Stalez and his corporation, that fucker hates us.

We hold our guns and walk into the cold white mist. Most of us were armored in standard heavy dropsuits, except for for squad leader Malleo Horn who wore the Amarr heavy dropsuit, I assume just too look stylish while killing, I do like looking sexy and stylish while I kill, maybe I should have gone with the Amarr heavy dropsuit as well. While we advanced towards the waypoint, I thought to myself 'this is almost impossible', but commander Serr thinks that maybe a bit more lying might help with the mess that lying got us into; the MCC's computers has been rigged to report incorrect information. One of such alterations involve misrepresenting our squad's information to make us appear to be wearing the lightest possible dropsuits, and the most basic weapons. Its going to look far more badass when we destroy entire squads, and some HAV's when we appear to be wearing light dropsuits and crap guns. I kind of do wish we actually were wearing some light armor, heavy dropsuits are not the best for such a long trip, especially on a high gravity frozen rock. On the bright side, the red sky is beautiful, almost like blood. I imagine if this planet had native intelligent life, they would say the sky is stained with the blood of a brutally murdered god, or some kind of slaughter... then again, their blood might not be red, if they have blood at all.

The plan is to reach their deployment installations and massacre them, and to keep massacring them as the RDV transports us some combat vehicles. Its not exactly a great idea considering the enemy MCC is so close, but we have to stay alive to do some damage for as long as we can while sustaining as little casualties as possible. Ideally no one deploying from these installations should be able to make it out alive long enough to call in a dropship to act as alternate deployment zones. By cutting off the enemy so early on we should make securing a victory much more easier, but really this is just to make us look good. I often thought about if it would make more sense to use drones instead of clone soldiers, I would feel much relaxed right now if I was back in the warm cozy MCC while I remote control a drone that is faster and stronger than me, maybe with a virtual reality interface. I assume that isn't the case because human life is less costly to produce than such a machine, and thus it makes more sense to throw away human lives instead of machines... yay capitalism. That probably isn't the answer; capsuleers have ships that harness such power that they can transcend the speed of light, it wouldn't be too much to ask for a mech-like suit, or vehicle that allows us to travel at two-hundred kilometers per hour, and hover in the air instead of walking for combat on planet surfaces. I'm actually not sure why we mercenaries are even needed, couldn't capsuleer ships be designed to fight on a planet instead of from orbit? I'm pretty sure even a small ship could do far more damage then anyone else ever could. Sure the alternatives would be more expensive, but a stick is far cheaper than a a railgun, and there are far more railguns in use than sticks. Its getting harder to peacefully ponder these useless things now that my squad is so damn vocal. They talk about going back home, seeing their loving families, and other boring shit that I generally don't care for. Love, empathy, remorse, I know what the words mean, but sometimes I wonder what those things actually feel like.

We walked deeper in the mist, and we overheard the sound of an enemy vehicle, it is coming from two Limbus LLVs that seem to be patrolling the perimeter to look out for  anyone stupid enough to try to advance to their deployment installations... in other words, people like us. Horn whispers in the built-in microphone of his helmet, and orders us to take position. Tattoo-face and Gallentean guy have been assigned to snipe the gunners on the patrol vehicles. With the sound of synchronized shots, I watch the gunners' bodies fly out of the vehicles on impact, and a mist of blood erupts from what use be their heads. The closest vehicle makes a sharp turn, and furiously drive towards our general direction in search of the source of the gunshots, the second vehicle quickly follows. We use the mist as cover while we crouch behind some rocks, I peek over and throw two EMP grenades at the vehicle. The driver starts to loose control even before the EMP grenades  detonate. The LLV begins to flip over while the blue buzzing electricity of the EMP erupts out and paralyzes the vehicle controls. A massive explosion of blue flames follows as the vehicle smashes against the ground. Nothing is more satisfying then being directly responsible for ending a life, except maybe ending a life while exploding vehicles are involved. Out of nowhere we see a grenade about two meters from us. We quickly disperse and try to escape the blast, luckily no one suffered major damage. While we repair damage with our nanite injectors we see the second vehicle plowing through the thick white mist and headed straight for us. Two soldiers were left in the vehicle, one wearing Caldari assault dropsuit, and the driver wearing an Amarr heavy dropsuit. Each of them had a red slash on their helmets, probably a mark pertaining to some elite squad. The one on the passenger seat appears to have moved back, and assumed the role of the vehicle's gunner. We scrambled for cover behind nearby ice-covered rocks as we barely evade incoming automatic fire from the Limbus' turret... well at least I successfully evaded, I'm actually not sure if anyone else was hit, or how bad the damage was. I hear the sound of sniper fire from my squad-mates, clearly they missed because those Razdalek assholes are still hunting us down.

Squad leader horn screams into the mic "Everyone! peek out of cover and kill those fuckers on three!".

I held my G75-VLB assault rifle firmly in hand while I impatiently waited to bombard the enemies with a barrage of rounds, damn I missed this feeling.

"One, two, THREE!" screamed Horn, we all raised our weapons out of cover and started firing.

Time seemed to slow down as my finger squeezed on the trigger, I felt the familiar kick of the gun while the plasma rounds exit the barrel in a violent blue flash. My lungs release a strange sound, a mix of laughter and a scream as I watch the blue ionized shots smash against the gunner's shoulder. He kept firing despite my shots, his shots smashed through the side of my helmet and on my chest. I stood up and kept firing at him madly until I was sure his flesh was thoroughly cooked by the plasma slugs. His body was knocked out of the vehicle as my last shots smashes through his helmet, I want to see his melted face. At least one other person was shooting at him, but I could tell I was the one to get the kill. Everyone else seem to be focusing on the driver, who seemed to have abandoned the vehicle, but he vanished in the mist.

"Is he.. gone?" asked the Gallentean with a fearful tone.

 Horn responded back in a very annoyed tone "the fuck you sound so scared for? the guy is barely alive, and we have him grossly outnumbered".

"Actually, we have no idea where he is, for all we know he could waiting in the mist for a chance to pick us off one by one, or he might be organizing a squad or two to camp us up ahead" I added in defense of... whatever his name is.

"Fuck, that is a good point, though we do have a mostly intact LLV now, so I suppose we can just run over any pussy-ass campers we come across" Horn said as he started walking towards the abandoned Limbus.

As he jumped into the driver's seat, he signals with his hand for the rest of us to get in. Everyone walked slowly and tentatively while constantly scanning their surroundings for the that lone survivor; I suppose its my comment earlier that put such fear in them.

While the others entered the vehicle, I took off my helmet, walked through the mist, and approached the corpse of the dead gunner.

 "Damnit Wulf, are you coming or not?!" yelled tattoo-face.

"just give me a second, I'm just taking some ammo from him!" I yelled back.

I lied, the ammo he carried wasn't the charged plasma slug rounds that my G75 used, in fact the ammo he carried was burned and rendered useless from the damage of my shots. I pulled out my nova knife and started to cut through the chest plate of the dropsuit. The knife got searing hot on contact, the burning white blade shredded through the dropsuit until the chest became exposed. I then plunged the knife through the badly burnt chest, then plunged my hand inside the chest. I reached for something through the soft and squishy shapes until i could feel what i was looking for; the heart. I Pulled it out, blood is still oozing, still  warm. I lifted it close to my wide open mouth, and took a deep bite, i sunk my teeth in the muscly flesh and tore. This wasn't my first time eating a human heart, first time was around ten years go, I killed my father in self defense. He tried to kill me at my voluval ceremony because he though I was a monster, so I killed him and ate his heart hoping it would make me strong like him, it didn't. I looked up to him, he had the most tattoos, and thus the most respected out of any Minmatar I've ever known. I never got my voluval tattoo because of him, and I never will get a tattoo because it will only remind me of him. I know its an odd taste to acquire, but Its not like its something I do often. I walked back to the LLV with a satisfied smile, forgetting for a minute that my face was covered in blood, I really should have put my helmet back on.

"What the fuck did you do? why is there blood on your face... holy shit! were you eating him?!" asked... this guy, I never seen him without his helmet off, he usually doesn't say a word, all I know is that he usually carries heavy weapons.

Maybe he usually doesn't speak because he sounds like a damn fourteen year old. I quickly pulled my helmet back on before anyone else noticed.

"Of course not! thats just from some shots that hit me, don't be ridiculous" I responded.

Because the vehicle only sits three people, I got on the back of the vehicle, barely hanging on next to tattoo-face who was manning the turret. Someone else was crammed in the back with me and tattoo-face, judging by his dropsuit it was either the Gallentean sniper, or the guy who saw the blood all over my mouth.

The thought of terrorizing someone tickled me, as Horn drove I imagined what that guy must have felt when he saw me emerging from the mist with a look of satisfaction, and blood all over my dark-skinned perfectly sculpted face... and yes, I might be a tad narcissistic. I want to take his fucking helmet off and see his fear. I knew he was scared - he saw me when I took off the helmet, and knew I had no blood or any wounds on my face. My dad was right, I am a monster, but I'm perfectly fine with that. It probably isn't a good idea to be scaring someone you're supposed to be relying on. The guy sitting in the back with me spoke, it wasn't the guy who saw me with... actually I'm just going to call him witness for the sake of convenience, it wasn't witness, but was the Gallentean.

The Gallentean asked "why don't we just have the RDV deliver us another vehicle? you know this is only suppose to fit three people right? not five".

Seems like someone wasn't paying attention... this sounds hypocritical coming from me, but I at least heard the instructions the second time commander Serr mentioned them.

Before I could say something, Horn started answering his question with "we're only allowed to call in minimal amounts of vehicles, we get one HAV, nothing else. The less vehicles we need to use, the more badass we look when we kill a shitload of fuckers, were're almost at the waypoint so quit whining and shutup".

Commader Serr started speaking to our squad via custom channel "War Gods squad, how long until you guys reach the enemy installations? we're having trouble capturing the enemy energy mainframe, we need you guys to cut them off as soon as they deploy at the installations and prevent their reinforcements from reaching the mainframe".

"We're only about 100 meters from the waypoint, we should arrive soon" said Horn as he raced the LLV through the bumpy terrain as fast as he could, I almost fell out of the vehicle because of that asshole, very terrible driving.

"The capsuleers are sending in air-strikes to halt some of their reinforcements, but our ships are taking heavy damage from the planetary artillery; we can't keep this up. Their MCC should be away from the installations pretty soon, their coming in to dock to the outpost for shield energy, this is good timing" Serr added.

Tattoo-face seemed a bit puzzled judging by the tone of his voice, he started asking "with all due respect commander, I get how getting the MCC away from the installation is a good idea for us, but isn't letting them dock with the outpost... good for them?".

She sighed and replied in a very irritated voice like a school teacher having to explain something to a child repeatedly "once they dock, I'll quickly have a squad deployed to hack the energy mainframe and stop them from gaining any significant increase in shielding, the enemy MCC will also be within range of our offensive installments, all you fucking have to do is to cut off their reinforcements, and stop them from getting to the mainframe to take it back!", I think this was the closest to anger I ever heard her.

We soon arrived at the waypoint somehow alive, despite that Horn crashed the vehicle against the side of a large rock. We were directly behind the enemy installations. Horn called in a Gallente HAV, we scanned the area through the optics of our guns while we waited for the vehicle to arrive, and noticed some phase-synched railguns, some turrets, and some clone deployment stations.

"Once the vehicle is here, I will attack with the HAV on the far left side, Sharsa will be inside the vehicle with me to operate the guided heavy missiles against areal vehicles, Hyagovi and Souratan will be staying back to snipe at anyone who poses a threat to the HAV. Wulf, I want you to kill them from the shadows on the far right side, I need you to be stealthy" Horn said.

The vehicle arrived shortly, Horn and witness, whose real name seems to be Sharsa, got inside it. I think its probably the most beautiful planetary vehicle, it was covered in light green armor plating, and had such beautiful curves. The RDV dropped the vehicle down to the ground, the earth shook under my feet, and the mist was blown away as a result. Horn and Shasa walked towards it. After they walked about twenty meters to the voluptuous HAV, Sharsa took off his... actually her helmet apparently, Horn did the same - they seemed to be talking to each other as they opened the hatch, they must not want anyone to overhear over the mic. They started entering the vehicle, and glanced back at me for a second, oh shit... I think she just told them about her suspicions of my cannibalism, that is going to make things weird. On the bright side, she is kind of pretty, she looks pretty pale, and had red spiky hair, its been a while since I've seen a woman with red hair.

I walked through the mist, and in between tall massive rocks as high as five meters, and approached the installations. I hope the turrets can't detect me through the mist, I rather not find out the hard way, so I'll stay hidden in the paths between the rocks until I have to emerge. I walk towards the clone deployment stations on the far right side and noticed a newly awakened clone wearing what looks to be a standard assault dropsuit; he is now my prey. In front of him was a small crowd of maybe seven newly deployed clones, the closest to my prey was maybe around twenty-five meters from him. I started to walk faster, and eventually started to run while i once again pulled out my knife. Like predatory beast, my eyes become fixed on the target, I ran as fast as I can though the maze of large rocks with this heavy dropsuit and high gravity. I was really close to him,  he made it easy by standing still. I think maybe he's calling in a vehicle.  I gripped the handle of the knife tightly, I passed the clone station, and was merely three meters from the prey. my running was interrupted however when I heard an overwhelming bang.

"I just took out their fucking defense turret!" Horn yelled triumphantly on his mic, he was so loud that the prey overheard, that loud piece of shit blew my cover .

The prey turned around at the sound the voice communications, he reacted as if he initially believed I was on his side before the knowledge that I was here to kill him settled in. I can't imagine how disappointed he must of been when he saw I wasn't one of his little friends, however I suppose the sight of me ramming my blade through his little throat probably was more troubling. I pulled out the knife, and watched him waddle around while trying to hold his neck to stop the blood flow. It looks so pathetically futile that it makes me smile, he shortly falls to  the ground and bleeds to death. I was ordered to be stealthy, so I dragged the corpse behind a rock, this looks so much easier in movies. I hate how everything has to be so damn heavy on this planet.

I hear the glorious sound of mercenaries screaming, nonstop gunfire, and  sound the HAV's canons firing into the crowd. Unfortunately that wasn't all I heard, the sound of footsteps and the unsheathing of a knife came from behind me, I quickly turned around while reaching for my pistol.  It's that driver who got away from the LLV, the lone survivor. I could tell because he was still wearing the Amarr heavy dropsuit with the red slash across the helmet. He lunged at me with his knife, I barely dodged, and grabbed my pistol but he quickly stabbed my forearm and pinned it to the rock, forcing me to drop the gun. I screamed as the bade burned through my flesh, he twisted the knife between the bones of my arm. I couldn't focus on anything but the pain,  I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I have experienced much worse, but its not the kind of thing you get use to. Despite the pain, I manage to grab my knife and tried to plunge it through his neck as hard as I can. He grabbed my wrist in time to stop me, and slammed it on the rock making me drop the nova knife. I think I'm pretty fucked.


  1. great work. really needed this today. beta where art thou?

  2. just finished T1. this is good stuff as well.

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