Thursday, December 1, 2011

Before the MAG Lady Sings

With MAG in its final stages and Dust soon on the horizon, one of the saddest things to see is the fall of MAG. The number of truly large scale, epic battles between clans have diminished due to players jumping ship to BF3, MW3 and the Starhawk beta, and other reasons that have been covered at other times and forums. Even small-scale organized scrims in sabotage have seen a huge downturn. However, like any good death should be - there is going to be one last battle royal, the likes of which has never been seen! (Or hasn't in a long time). This fight of all fights is being organized by the community to celebrate MAG before the transition to Dust 514 begins.

Ydubbs_81 has proposed an epic battle to take place in Interdiction on Sunday, December 4th, and has invited all clans remaining on MAG (regardless of size) to join in on the action. The battle will consist of players fighting solely for C. It will be chaos. It will be mayhem, It will be like no battle ever seen before on MAG.

It is looking likely that the match will take place between a coalition of Valor clans and Raven clans with rumors of RND, KEQ, PHI, )B(, and many others. Lastly, it will be interesting to see how the participating clans will cooperate with each other, who will come out on top, and so on, but with so many people potentially involved it is very hard to speculate on how it will pan out.

Contact Ydubbs_81 if you and your clan wish to participate on either side, and lets celebrate the game we all love- MASSIVE ACTION GAME!

*Editors Note: Why MAG on a now Dust 514 blog? Without MAG, this blog wouldn't be here, so Dusters figured we would pay our respects to a dying game. We salute you MAG.

Also, say hello to our newest writer - mercenary4hire77. As he transitions into the new hotness (Dust), he'll periodically regale us with MAG stories and suggestions on how Dust can dodge rounds MAG took. Welcome (virtual) war writer!


  1. welcome merc4hire! nice read. one last goodbye to MAG.

  2. still can't believe they aren't making a MAG 2. but we gotta move on.

  3. merc welcome

  4. I salute you MAG four you are unique and you have set your self a perminent mark in video game history
    (we all learn), we live to learn so we can learn to live!

  5. Nice coverage Merc...well done. I'm impressed.

  6. It will be nice to crush worthy opposition once more.

  7. MAG, set a new standard, yet to be covert by others