Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Will DUST change EVE's Balance of Power?

"Looking back, we were fools to think the clone technology wouldn't change the way we waged warfare. Soldiers whose experience could be passed on, and that could be trained by the instant upload developed later? These warriors could be constructed and even if killed--were reborn as long as the ISK flowed. It's the reason our alliance crumbled. Equipment and Tech can tip the balance, but wars are won with MEN, and our ignorance of that proved to be our undoing."
--Raz Amatal, former Corporation CEO

GP Report - Tech news is buzzing today regarding the new clone technology credited to the Minmatar. Centuries ago, our ancestors argued over the moral ramifications of tampering with stem cells and the base levels of genetics, but today scientists and researchers revealed the ability to clone the recently deceased with a certain amount of their genetic material. The process is said to include the ability to eliminate certain genetic traits and markers as well. Theoretically, "cheaper" clones with traits deemed unnecessary like exact height and eye color are not only possible, but a reality.

But what are the implications of this new science? Will we see life created to serve specifically as lab rats for research? Will the wealthy use this as a means to achieve immortality or revive loved ones? There is no question the results and consequences could be far reaching.


  1. lol but on a serius note i hope Dust changes the balance of power just fore the giggles

  2. i think it can happen. I commend CCP for not being afraid of change and taking chances. How many developers push the envelope like them?

  3. I say YES, i think it will. even if only on a small level.

  4. sadly no, the super-corps will remain dominant. the rest of you will be serfs to the Goons and the Russians.