Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Science of Warfare

"It was simple, really. Although warfare had graduated from the surface to the heavens hundreds of years prior, it was a simple, instinctive change to re-adapt our weaponry to prepare the clones for combat on the surface of planets. Hundreds of years of conflict had given us countless hellish, nightmarish devices to unleash on our enemies."
--Anonymous Minmatar Arms Dealer

Here at Jupiter Industries it's our passion to make sure your corporation and contracted personnel are outfitted with the latest in user-friendly, efficient, kinetic-based or energy-based systems and systems-of-systems.

Need an orbital strike now? We have you covered with over 100 different platforms . Pesky HAV cramming your style? Look at our anti-HAV inventory for the system to solve problem. We have technicians and armorers standing by to troubleshoot the problem(s) in real time, in any environment or scenario.

Some of our more popular systems are: ECM Burst Weaponry or Projected ECCM, Stasis Webifiers, Target Painters, Tracking Disruptors, Warp Jammers, Remote Sensor Dampeners and Warp Disruption Field Generators.

Call or visit our offices to schedule your appointment now. The people at Jupiter Industries will stop at nothing to see that you are a satisfied customer. GNN says we are, "the number one defensive systems and platforms manufacturer in the universe," and we live by that. Try our systems and system-of-systems today!


  1. nice fiction angle. wonder if they'll have artillery in dust514?