Monday, December 5, 2011

Poll: View Game in Dust 514?

All gamers eventually ask, "how the hell did that guy kill me?" or "where the **** did they come from?" or some variation of these questions.

Ask and ye shall receive. Uncharted 2 presented us with the ability to watch completed games from different perspectives, on a large scale, for the first time. This feature has gamers screaming for more like a fat 10 year old and his chocolate cake. The power to rewatch ourselves and our teammates allowed us to study tactics, mistakes, correct bad habits, and show off our dominance. It also prompted us to ask ourselves- could we and should we see this in Dust 514?

The advantages are numerous, and it would add a nice "highlight reel" aspect to a well-done battle log-style Web Application if one is in the works. The downsides? Recording games from multiple perspectives will require enormous amounts of server-side memory, and could possibly limit other more necessary features. With all this said, what would you choose? 'Support it!,' 'Hell no!,' or 'Maybe if...' Select one and comment on the why, how, etc in the comment section.

View Game in Dust?


  1. Because of server memory required, I think it would be a better if we just get a match replay from an overhead perspective.
    Killzone 2's website had something like this, let you view every battle from 1 god-like perspective.

  2. I realy dont know but it woud be nice, aint the fleet commander supposed to see whats happening all over the battlefield, so he can see the flaws in his our others strategy? (if he pays attention)

  3. Football, water polo, etc players watch replays of their games because the coach cannot see everything at once. It helps to have video to specifically show someone where something went wrong or went really well.

  4. Great great idea.

    Probably won't use much memory: just action sequence codes to be recorded and reconstructed later at replay on your console.

    It will generate lots clips on youtube.