Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mars Industries "War on Your Terms"

 "The saddest part is that with of all of these breakthroughs in science, the majority of them were used for one thing: WAR. We could have seen Universal Power Sources, Wave Technology and countless advances in Transport and Health Science. Instead, we saw the implementation of creative and varied ways to kill others and take what was theirs. Men can be such horrible, evil things."--Amarr Philosopher

One of our newer applications allows portable, personnel-sized tech that can be wrist-fitted for your operatives. This technology ties into your MCC's sensors and allows your forces an overhead view of combat operations. We call this device the "The Personnel Map". And it allows your forces to see friendly and enemy bio signatures. It is among many of the new necessary items of warfare that M.A.R.S can offer to your and your forces. Contact us today for just a sample of the ways we can make for more effective "War on YOUR Terms."

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