Monday, November 21, 2011

The GNN Launches!

From a collective effort within New Eden we launch a news service that is second to none with a dedication to honesty, accuracy and integrity in reporting all the relevant events. We give you...The Galactic News Network! All the news from Dust 514 and New Eden in one place, for your Ease and Comfort.Wondering who we are, what we do and what we need from you? Keep Reading!

The GNN is always in need of information regarding the events of new Eden, as a user-driven entity we want to print the stuff that keeps the game fresh, interesting and gives this potentially great MMO a new dynamic, we need your help to accomplish this. Want us to be more specific? Well why didn't you say so? WE NEED:

Interviews - Want to become and remain notable within the New Eden community? GREAT. Let us know about your characters, corporations, alliances and services you may offer. We need to know about the personalities of New Eden, there are many members of this community with plenty of relevant things to say. We'd like to print them.

Bios/Mission Statements - Who doesn't like fan-fiction or the ability to flesh out the characters we've spent months crafting? We all do. We're eager to print "stories" that may highlight your character's origin, corporation mission statements, advertisements or anything else that better describes the groups or persons you're associated with.

Events - Neither Dust 514 or EVE possesses a Headline System to tell the tale of great battles, notable defeats, betrayals, rumors and other news. If there are notable events that happened in game we need you to report it (or tell us so we can) not the best writer? NO PROBLEM. Take a quick second to write up the facts on whatever took place and we'll gladly print it.

Sources - We need The Inside Scoop! Maybe there's a notable member of a corporation who's a mole? Is there some discord within an alliance? Know of an impending attack on a planet? Maybe there's are employees who's services you no longer need, or you're looking to advertise your own. We need to know about it! Give us the "off the record" info. Some call it gossip, we call it NEWS. don't hesitate to drop us an email and tip us of to any and all good info. and never fear, your identity will always remain a closely guarded secret. Will we be fed misinformation and other false and deceptions? Certainly, this is New Eden after all. But beware those who seek to use the GNN for your own selfish needs, you can only deceive a journalist once, and the pen is said to be mightier than the sword.

Contributors - Maybe you'd like to do a story on the Golden Age of New Eden, want to outline the 10 Most Corrupt Corporations, explain the psyche of the Clone Soldier or which player-owned banks to trust? We welcome any great pieces that add to the New Eden Mythos. NOTE: We are currently looking for a Social Coordinator for the official GNN account Twitter and Youtube accounts among other things. Interested? Let us know!

Suggestions - Got a great idea that could make the game better? SWELL. Tell us about it! submit it to our and we'll be certain it gets the proper exposure it deserves. Many of you have been in New Eden since the beginning and we  have the funny feeling that you'll be the ones that make this game the standard that Persistent Shooters and MMOs are judged by. Let's help take out the Bad, Keep the Good and highlight the GREAT and shape the relationship between Dust and EVE into a masterpiece.

If you think there are other ways that you can contribute? TELL US ABOUT IT. We're here for YOU. Let's make The New Eden Experience one for the ages!


  1. sweet. this was needed!

  2. got loads of gossip for ye "sends email"

  3. ur one of the big boys now. is also a good site.

  4. we'll be doing an excerpt on the GNN's chief anchor later today. None other than Tolen Rau of Gallente!

  5. will gnn be getting its own site or will it be run from this one?

    also, will gnn be run from an in character point of view (like is) or will it be out of character or perhaps a mix of the two?

  6. the GNN will be run from here and our Twitter and Youtube accounts, and yes we'll be doing an in-character POV whenever possible.

  7. it's really hard to read the twitter feed... font color is too close to the background color. FYI

  8. @DMH2000 - Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

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