Friday, November 4, 2011

Dust 514's MCC

A new Playstation Blog released today with more information on Dust 514. The item of choice today? The Mobile Command Center. 200 meters in length? We're excited and hopeful. Read more about it below.

The Mobile Command Center


  1. YYYYYYYeeeeeessssssss......

    finally things are getting interesting

  2. this game is looking like something epic,

  3. we'd just like to point out that they made two specific references to shields..and where there are shields there are shield generators :)

  4. dust is gonna be a great game.

  5. @Others reading this post:

    A little bit more info can be found about the game if you look at the comments section of the PSN post. Specifically look for the red boxed comments as James Egan of CCP comments. Egan = CCP Remanent? Da_Chucky of fame checks in with some good questions.

    @KG - Perhaps update your article with said comments?

    Also, really wished my PSNID worked... or that I could sign up for another one.