Friday, November 25, 2011

GNN is Recruiting!

While we may be the News leader throughout the galaxy we still have positions to fill...

Social Coordinator - Manage GNN's Youtube, Twitter, and other social platforms (TBD) on a daily basis.

  1. Active Twitter account.
  2. Active Google Youtube account.
  3. Active means the candidate has been using these platforms for the past 6 months. In addition, a good candidate will have tweets, and comments on videos that we can see.
  4. Social Attitude - meaning the candidate will talk with people, join groups, follow them, and report back to us in a weekly format for what the candidate did (or didn't) do.
To Apply:
  1. Check the requirements above. If the candidate does not have them - sorry.
  2. Link those account profiles to us so we can check them out.
  3. For your accounts, make sure we can see when you signed up, subscriptions, channel views, etc if the public cannot see them already.
  4. If interested send an email to for more information.
Anything we didn't cover? The candidate should take the initiative and act upon said thought.
The GNN team thanks you for your cooperation and continued reading and comments!


  1. Hey i know this is compleatly off topic and im not voluntearing but check this out srsly i just found it while i was playeng around

  2. i read what stood there in
    and it said they will probably not go over 256 players that's interesting :)
    page 57 the last line

  3. That is old info. Dec 2009 notice the platform states that it is still TBA. Lot has changed since that was posted if not everything. Be careful to actually report news so that your news channel stays current and doesn't become the history channel.

  4. What is the site of this GNN?