Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coming to Dust? The Seraphim Initiative

Another of the highly trained, cohesive groups making their way to Dust 514 that puts an emphasis on both fun and being successful is the SI. Under the jurisdiction of the Colonial Marine Corp, this group has both experience in EVE, MAG and Battlefield. Some of its most popular representatives include Zeigfryd, Etero Narciss and their Director; SilverTip.


  1. Colonial Marine Corps?
    Seraphim Initiative?
    Awesomeness in a hand basket?
    Yes, sir.
    So professional and cut throat, it makes lawyers seem like kittens?
    HELL YES. Sir.

    And, yes, I am in CMC.

  2. If you're as excited about Dust 514 as we are, love shooters, and looking for a highly organized clan, follow the link to my name.

  3. we'll keep an eye on this SI.

  4. Thank you for the spot light! It is much appreciated. As we move forward we have A LOT in the works and are still looking for a ton of members.

    There is so much growth available in SI and if you or anyone you know wants to get involved with a gaming community that is dedicated to its members, I think you found the right one.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on and off the field.