Monday, October 3, 2011

Player Interviews: Zothike of Caldari Prime

Our next EVE/DUST interview is with Zothike of Caldari Prime. A veteran EVE player who has been keeping a close eye on the DUST 514 development. Keep reading for his full interview.
1. What's the name of your EVE character? How long have you been playing?
My main character in EvE is Zothike and i've played since 2004.
 2. You're French as well. Give some of our readers a scope of just how international EVE is.
Well yes EvE is really international and it’s a blessing. A blessing as there is only one server for the entire world (if we dont count the chinese server) that's why all Time Zone are covered and players from all around the world are playing together, there is not a server by country or by language as is often the case with other MMOs, and little by little CCP and associates are doing other language versions for eve, German, Russian, and very soon Japanese.
3. What race is your EVE character? Why?
Caldari because for me they are cold and realistic people Sourire, Minmatarr are Anarchist, Amarr Mystic, Gallente Idealists.

4. What do you anticipate happening when Dust is officially a part of EVE?
To be honest i dont know, i expect a lot from this game and i can’t wait to see it released, but we have too little information about gameplay to know how it will run, but i’m near sure that there will be a very big “elitist” spirit in the game and the player pool will be divided in 2 classes : the elite (who play a lot (and who spent a lot) and all the others, who will be viewed as some kind of second class citizen, and the game will not be very “pick up” friendly for that reason.

5. What excites you the most about DUST 514?
I played with very few interruptions since 2003 the MMOFPS Planetside and it was by far my best experience in MMO, but the game was missing something, a real important goal, losing/winning was not so important and so many players in the game were playing like Quake, only being interested by they kill/death ratio et cetera. DUST514 will bring that “seriousness” to the goal, which is winning.

6. Will you play Dust 514?
95% sure even though i've never owned any Console, I  will buy one for the occasion and will be hard to use a controller for the first time, but i’m ready to make the effort, unless it appears that the gameplay is not as good as expected, then will wait a little to hear impressions from other people who have it.

7. What corporation are you a part of? Are you a member of an Alliance?
No, i’m not in an corporation or an alliance as of  2006 (I was in EDF in ASCN alliance) it was really great but after the fall of the alliance, I got bored of the 0.0 gameplay and i'm waiting until dust514  to rejoin 0.0 warfare again, in the meantime i do some trading .

8. Are there any factions/scams that DUST players should look out for?
Yes for sure, scams/ treason/ spying will be part of dust514 too but i think less than in EVE as reputation and trust will be harder to build and easier to destroy in DUST514.

9. CCP has described the relationship between EVE and DUST as co-dependent on each other, what's your take on this?
Well, CCP said that they will start at a low level and rising the dependency between the two game little by little and i think it’s a good approach, they can’t enforce EVE players to be suddenly 100% dependent on some unknown console gamers for EVE sovereignty or anything, or it will be a disaster for both games.

10. What advice would you give a DUST player?
In my opinion Play Eve-Online. There is a 15 day free trial and even a 21 days free trial with something called the “buddy program”. Try EvE to see how it works and to get a view of the game / the universe and eventually the politics inside the game, and stockpile cash (ISK) because it will be of use in DUST514.