Monday, October 10, 2011

Player Interviews: Zeigfryd

  1.  Our next interview features Zeigfryd of the SI. We were fortunate enough to get some of his opinions on the politics of DUST, why CCP should be careful not to over-balance the game and how the game should deal with Griefers.

    1. What are you looking for in Dust 514?
    I think a lot of what veteran MAG players and shooter genre players are looking for in Dust 514 is in fact more than a shooter. We're looking for a battlefield simulation. The original appeal with MAG itself was that it told the public it was more than just a shooter. Sadly, it didn't pan out as such. A persistent world, was the terminology used, tactics as well as grand strategy were supposed to be a large part of MAG, and these are the same promises we're given with Dust 514.
    So if we're trying to pinpoint what type of game the Dust 514 enthusiast is looking for in the time we have until launch, just under a year now, is a primarily first person shooter, with options for 3rd person/top down views of the battle wherever they're needed, with a persistent and constantly evolving universe. As counter self-interested as it may sound, veterans of the shooter genre, and the gaming world as a whole, are looking for real consequences in their games, actual ramifications, and through that, a slice of reality. The devs have addressed this notion before in their interviews of how multiplayer components of shooters these days have no inherent value, besides to those who bow to leaderboards. They just don't mean a thing, and from what Dust 514 promises to deliver, every game means an awful lot.
    I really think that there will be a culture shock for the casual gamers that don't know the full extent and gravity of the situation they'll find themselves in, in Dust 514, such as losing all your equipment every time you die and the political implications tied to your actions. Veterans accustom to what to expect when the name CCP is tagged to a product know that the advent of Dust 514 should not be taken lightly, and those who fail to grapple with how big this really is, aren't going to prosper, just as in Eve.

    2. Any old MAG scores to settle in Dust?
    As I'm not longer in DBD, there aren't really too many scores to settle per se since kdr will not automatically translate into Dust 514 success, but from the rumblings between MAG clans as well as my own, the Seraphim Initiative, every organization has cards up their sleeves and people that need to be killed.

    3. Social areas are a confirmed Game Mechanic, what would you like to see ""socially" in Dust?
    A great idea that's been floating around that might be implemented is the integration of Incarna avatars from Eve with the avatars of Dust 514 within the same social settings, stations and what not, and the opportunity for assassinations with EVERYONE being armed. Just in case you think that all stations will be are shooting galleries, well no, people still need to use the station. This also gives some room for Concord to play a role. Fluff wise, it'll be much more akin to those roving gangs within trading hubs that strike fear into the local populace of science fiction novels and the like, which is what I'm really hoping to see.

    4. Alliances seem to be popping up all over the place, do any stand out to you?
    I've heard that major Raven clans are forming together for an alliance, but they've already rubbed shoulders with other current Raven clans as well as other organizations. I don't think it's late enough in the game to be outright worried and in fear of certain alliances as of yet, but there will most definitely be larger and more powerful alliances right off the bat when Dust 514 launches. I expect that right up until launch date, prototype alliances and corporations will merge, fall apart, be born, and die. The job of every one of these groups and organizations are to end up on top by the inception of the game. And yes, just so you understand me correctly, the game has very much already started backstage, and the politics are already being played out.

    5. Early reports seem to indicate a Dust corp has already incurred the wrath of a rather large EVE Alliance with their rhetoric, what do you make of the politics of New Eden?
    I personally think that the politics of Eve will not change too much. The advent of Dust 514 simply changes the means by which those politics are enacted, how power is turned into force, as well as increasing the population of New Eden, which will, in itself, create it's own issues. However, console/shooter organizations will need to adjust to their surroundings rather quickly, and only modesty and humbleness will be the correct tools for that.

    6. Whats your opinion of the Stranded series?
    Pretty sweet that they like to nerd it out by catering to other nerds as well, but the writing style is not to my taste. It kind of seems like all the entries start off and end rather similarly, but I like how 'gritty' and 'dark' they're making it. Also a good indicator of the level of commitment CCP is putting into the backstory for the game.

    7. Any weapons, vehicles or other equipment you hope too see in Dust?
    I have noticed that the there are aesthetic disparities between the tanks depicted in the few videos that have been released of Dust 514, like the difference between the tanks in the 2009 trailers and the 2011 trailers. The 2011 trailer tanks with the turret look rather unpleasing, so I'm hoping it was just a different race's tank design.
    I have a growing fear that no air frames will be pilot-able besides the commander's war barge on field. Although we saw something pilot-able in the 2009 video, CCP has recently stated in some interviews that the vehicles will all be ground based. I understand it is quite a big step to have working air frames in a game, but it is quite a staple to full spectrum warfare.

    8. What MMOFPS pitfalls should Dust try to avoid?
    Overbalancing the game. If it's one failing of MAG, the attempted over regulation of weapons and equipment made the differences in the different MAG corporations suspect and confusing, reflected in the weapon gripes and the back and forth condemnations from all parties concerned that played out on the forums.
    Not listening to the fan base is a pretty important one as well, seeing as how the launch of Incarna and the microtransaction store proved just how disconnected CCP had become concerning the player base. On that note, it will be interesting to see how eligible Dust 514 players will be to get on the CSM and if the CSM will need to be reformed to deal with the large influx of players that will be pouring into New Eden, and how equal we'll be treated in relation to Eve players, seeing as it is CCP's flagship title.

    9. What well done elements can CCP incorporate from other titles?
    Obviously, there are a lot of elements of Eve that will be incorporated into Dust 514, seeing as it's within the same universe as well as the same server network, so many aspects will be the same, but one thing that I want would definitely be the level of customization and true sandbox feel of Eve Online. I really do hope not much difference exists between the depth of customization between the two games. From what we've seen so far, it's pretty close. Although we obviously won't know the true extent of the different kinds of weapons and gear we'll have in Dust 514 till release.
  2. Speaking on game mechanics though, I detest games where players can simply run around knifing people and the developers can call it a combat simulator. Knife kills need to be deliberate and reflect the reality of how one would bring down an enemy combatant. I'm a great fan of the Battlefield 3 game mechanics. From the glint from scopes, gleam from lasers hitting your eyes, the blinding caused by flashlights, and the knife kills. These elements, plus much more, are necessary in order to create a sense of realism for the player, and that's what the majority of players interested in Dust 514 want.

  3. 10. Are there any particular game modes that would really excite you?
    Of course the Ground-to-Space cannon (Skyfire) attack and defend mode excites me, but I'm really interested in seeing all the other game modes that will be offered, if they will be planet specific, and how different the terrain will be depending on the planet or geography of the region.
    What I want to see, however, is a training or simulation room, most likely on the war barge, in which a corporation will be able to practice manoeuvres or where individuals can get rated for a certain vehicle. It's just too idiotic to assume that corps will need to shelve out 20 mil isk to practice on a vehicle an aspiring pilot will more than likely crash and burn in since it'll be their first time.

    11. How should Team-killers/Griefers be dealt with?
    What I want to see is that the player in charge of the command ship in the battle, and at different levels of command, to be able to negate contracts to the miscreants by either kicking them, or not paying them after the battle. This is also to say that the player in charge must be qualified to do so, and thus the mechanism for properly choosing that player will need to be put in place. This is actually something I really hope CCP has given a lot of thought about because in a game where money means everything, and you can lose everything, a system of strict control needs to be put in place to prevent people from doing things detrimental to the corporations that have vested interests as well as resources on the line, and other events that just make the game a bad time for everyone. Unless it's deliberate subterfuge.

    12. Join an established EVE Corp or form your own, why?
    Do whichever is right for you, personally. If you're already part of a MAG clan that's going into Dust 514 as a corp and you all enjoy each other's company and can get work done, why leave? If you have been playing MAG solo or just discovered Dust 514 and want to find a corp, I suggest finding a good corporation as fast as possible, as the gears of Dust 514 empire building are already in motion. I myself decided to join a new corporation and we've gotten to know one another very well over the past few months. By playing relevant games as a team now, our teamwork and cooperation has and will only grow. We have big plans that are already being organized and followed through, and I believe that it's the right step that all serious players should take. As well, shameless plug, you are reading this and would like to operate with a dedicated corporation going into Dust 514, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this, great that MAG players can voice their opinion on games that we're naturally drawn to. I hope to see you all on the other side.

- Zeigfryd (Seraphim Initiative, Platoon Sergeant)


  1. this interview was a good read,liked what Zeigfryd said

    but whats the deal with question 5,it seems this site(or interviewer)keeps harping on the zai alliance for some reason.

  2. Good interview! Always cool to get some old school MAG perspective in there.

    Also, Go SI! :)

  3. hehe. that was solid. i like this bloke.

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  5. Great interview Zeig! Loved it. I love the plug at the end too.

    If anyone is interested in joining, please feel free to head over to our website and start the application process:

    Also, if you have questions or comments about SI please feel free to email us at:

    silvertip83 (Seraphim Initiative, Platoon Commander)

  6. what clan was SI in MAG?

  7. most measured, well-thought out interview i've seen yet. Your thoughts on Humility couldn't be more honest. totally agree with BF3 knife being the new standard.

  8. "What I want to see, however, is a training or simulation room, most likely on the war barge, in which a corporation will be able to practice manoeuvres or where individuals can get rated for a certain vehicle. It's just too idiotic to assume that corps will need to shelve out 20 mil isk to practice on a vehicle an aspiring pilot will more than likely crash and burn in since it'll be their first time." THIS!!

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  11. because things have been slow on dust info and they're really one of the only stories, stop being butthurt New_Numberz.

  12. Hello, eve player chimining in! I doubt that an extensive training mode will ever be developed. But don't worry: there is a lot of unspent money in EVE online, you'll able to find funds to organize training camps yourselves.
    And remember: the Eve universe is a sandbox, don't look for pre set mechanisms, build your own, and watch your shoulders.

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