Friday, October 28, 2011

Expansion (throwing out ideas)

When I first heard about Dust 514, one of my biggest concerns was variety of planet environments the player would be able to fight in; I was hoping for a massive amount of planetary environments, like permanently dark and stormy environment with lots of lightning, harsh deserst, volcanic, arctic, predominantly liquid (doesn't have to be water, could be liquid methane, or other possible liquids), various levels of gravity, and various atmospheric lighting, and sky colors. Killzone, however flawed it is, has spoiled me with its environments. An interview with Halldor Fannar (the CEO CTO of CCP) revealed that the majority of the battles would be fought on temperate planets, and battles on more extreme planets would be rare. Furthermore, those extreme planets would require the player to purchase special suits to fight in (which makes sense).

Finding this out was kind of a let-down for me, but I suppose the variety of lighting effects and sky colors is still possible... though I seriously doubt that it will be a focus of CCP when they have such great technical challenges to meet in order to usher in the new era of gaming. Then I thought, EXPANSIONS!

With expansions, more types of infrastructure can be added specifically for the harvesting of more hostile planets. New suits can be added to fight in a greater variety of hostile planets.
Perhaps expansions could even broaden the combat applications of Dust marines. Example: Dust marines being hired by EVE players to board ships, and steal cargo/destroy the ship/steal the ship, and the EVE player whose ship is being attacked can hire Dust marines to defend the ship.

I mentioned a liquid covered planet earlier, this raises the possibility of an entirely new kind of combat while still on planet surfaces. Naval warfare, and ship-boarding. Massive ships battle on water, as one of them launches several squads on little boats whose mission is to invade the enemy ship to disable/take control of them. Perhaps even underwater warfare.

More simple expansions are also welcomed possibilities, like armor colors and patterns can be added, and new modules for new abilities, or changes that give more managing power to commanders.

Dust 514 raises so many possibilities of what a shooter can be, I hope CCP capitalizes on this with the right expansions. Anyone, feel free to propose ideas for expansions in the comments.


  1. u nailed it. different environs would be epic. they can add it later.

  2. great ideas Kagehoshi, count me in for wanting to board a ship and steal cargo. Pirate Corps? we like it.

  3. Yeah, stroke the ego of the one who is giving ideas for "expansions" when the basic content of the game isn't even known yet beyond contractual warfare over planetary industry. Aside from that and the fact that Eve will be hopelessly intertwined, any one of those "expansions" could be basic content

    Let the game get released before you start beating the devs over the head with your ideas.



  5. i like wery much free sstufff! ;

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  7. @Anonymous #1 (deleted previous comment to specify which Anon I am replying to)
    If Dust is successful, there will undoubtedly be expansion to it. With this in mind, I think if people state the kinds of things they would like, it would give CCP some neat ideas. We already know they're planning on it since they said they would, so you can't blame us for expecting it of them.
    I don't know where you get the idea that contractual warfare over planetary industry is the only thing thats known about Dust, lots of info has been revealed over interviews and videos.
    I don't get how you can claim Im "beating the devs over the head with ideas" when I'm by no means ordering the devs to implement these ideas, I'm not threatening to not buy the game, hell I'm not even forcing them to read this.
    How can you critize me for giving ideas when that's the whole purpose of this blog? read the little mission statement thingy
    "DUSTERS is the brainchild of a few veteran, hardcore former MAG players. Our purpose is simple: Despite being a fan blog, we seek to influence DUST to be the best game it can be...and help it pick up where MAG left off. But not without YOUR HELP. The feedback, interaction and suggestions you provide are invaluable. We thank you in advance."

  8. @anon #1 why so critical dude? theyre just ideas. pretty good ones too. devs have meetings where they do the same things.

  9. Halldor is not CEO of CCP, he's CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

    As to expansions. sfaik CCP are planning the same expansion model as EVE. As in, new content for free. How this will work with the MT pricing structure I don't know.

  10. i want to parachute or drop in somehow. do it CCP!