Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dust Preview by VGNetwork.it

Recently we stumbled onto another Dust 514 preview, this one done by popular game reviewer VGNetwork.IT. Be sure to check the interview out after the break.

Written by: Fabio "Dartagnan" Cecco D'Ortona | Date: 10/17/2011
Success or epic fail? Only time will tell.
Among the returns of the last major gaming events Dust has spent some 514 'in the background, perhaps even under the difficult road that CCP, the developers, want and are traveling. This is an online shooter, certainly not the first nor the last in the current generation, but not as it seems. At the base is hiding something bigger and attractive, as long as then, the work is finished, all functions in a good way.

The initial hype was created as a direct result of what up to that time the CCP Games (Crowd Control Productions) had developed, teams previously bound to the Icelandic sector alone personal computers, and what they could combine in a product only PlayStation 3 , at least until the recent E3 2011 ( here the video released on that occasion) in which it appeared that the game is also coming on the small PS Life . A return, as said earlier, because the game was announced way back at GDC 2009 in Cologne with a short film debut (viewable at the end of paragraph) and the idea, to combine and merge shooters and MMORPGs, has attracted a curiosity given the experience of the team on products such as EVE Online, which boasts a large community of course. It all starts from here, dated 2003 from the Space MMO where players there is a closely-developers to make the gaming experience as rewarding as possible, and where to manage many aspects, from economic to political ones, return phases compelling and complex game, we are indeed talking about the CCP has always been attentive to even the smallest of details, also entered in the statistics for EVE Online host on one server (apparently the largest in the world now exists).
But the link between the world of EVE and what could be the shooter? Simple: the development team decided to expand the "514 Project Dust" into something that nobody has ever attempted, at least those that are technical terms which CCP She's in charge. The idea is to give, through the vast universe of EVE Online, a depth and an enviable factor interaction around the globe and against any other online shooter. What is not so different, pay close attention, those that are set by the classic FPS genre in terms of gameplay, although the setting typically science-fiction inspired much, but it differs from the crowd for this match which will merge MMMORPG through a MMOFPS with a two (or more, taking into account the PS Life) different gaming platforms.