Monday, September 26, 2011

Player Interviews: Jumpman23

We don't know what it is about current and ex-3C members but their interviews always seem polarizing. After Sithis, Jumpman23 is probably the most talked-about member of the group that ended up being the villains of MAG. In our long-overdue interview, we sat down with the infamous SVER supporter about how New Eden is his for the taking, how EVE Corps can't be trusted, about NUKING Corps in DUST and why 3C members joined his clan instead of the other way around.

1. Jumpman23. Explain it.
Ehh people always get it wrong… I’m used to it though.  The PSN ID xjumpman23 actually came from being an avid megaman fan/sneaker head back in my childhood.  I liked the ID for it’s simplicity.  I don’t play on my jumpman account too often since it’s forever linked to my brothers DC Universe account.  I’ve since moved on under the alias xprotoman23.

2. Give us your level of anticipation for Dust? Why are you looking forward to it?
Honestly I’m not looking forward to DUST in the same way that many MAG players are.  In theory DUST sounds like it could be amazing, but I’m waiting to see some gameplay before I see myself fully committing to playing dust “hardcore” What intrigues me most about DUST is the political aspect of it, and being able to potentially conquer a world in which people have spent years of real life time building

3. You're not 3C anymore? Or are you? We're so confused these days, we see a Global Conflict sig and we're wondering, have you created your own clan for Dust?

I only played with 3C on MAG.  I believe I was actually kicked out of 3C back when I told them that I wasn’t going to be playing with them on Killzone 3. My official clan is Global Conflict. The top objective based clan on Resistance 2, and top clan on Uncharted 2. My problem with 3C is the fact that all it could have ever been was a MAG clan. It had some good players, but they all came from other games. It’s hard to turn a MAG clan into a successful multi game clan that can compete on the competitive level.  Since the core 3C members have joined the ranks of Global Conflict naturally Global Conflict will be moving on to DUST when it drops with the ex-3C players leading the charge over in DUST.

4. You're a popular MAG player famous for being pretty full of yourself, how do you respond to this?
Yeah it’s safe to say I’m fairly popular on MAG. I still get PSN messages with people asking me to join their MAG clan so they can be the best. Yeah people can QQ and say I’m full of myself, but lets be real for a minuet. I was a key player in building the most dominant clan on MAG.  I had fun playing the role of MAG villain. The decision to become MAG’s villain came during the TTT weekend. It was in a domination match (yeah I played domination back in the day when MAG worked) I basically decimated the valor alliance to the point where the Purple Heart distributor sig was created.  Then there was the infamous KDR sig (that was actually stolen from MUD with minor edits)Yeah I talked shit, but would guarantee that gamer578890000 would most definitely be destroyed in game. After zipper started nerfing things, and after I achieved my goal of a 5+ KDR MAG got boring and the only way to make it interesting was by talking shit and stirring up all sorts of problems. Most people though dislike me cause I’m one of the greatest of all time to play their game, and no matter how hard they practice they’ll never measure up. If you don't have haters your not doing something right.

5. It seems the ZSA has ticked off some pretty influential EVE Corps. What would be your advice to them?
Honestly, I’m not all that involved with the ZSA and ex-3C (who are now in Global Conflict) involvement in the alliance, but if they “pissed” off some influential EVE Corps oh well.  You can’t win every battle just like I couldn’t get carnage to join 3C back in the day. If I was spearheading this alliance I would suggest for them not to make friends with everybody, and no matter what remain loyal to each other, because at least for me seeing as I’m not an EVE player there’s too much ambiguity to put trust in the EVE corps.

6. Many MAG clans appear to be making the Exodus to Dust. Why?
MAG clans are leaving MAG well because MAG just isn’t working out anymore. The game was decent until 1.03 was released, and the mass exodus of players began. Many talented gamers on the PS3 left MAG after the 1.03 update. Then Zippers failure to add clan battles was just icing on the cake for people walking away from MAG.  In theory, DUST seems like it’s the game MAG had the potential to be if the right developers were in charge of it. 

7. Many of the PSN call-signs just won't fit in with Dust Mythology. Do you have a Dust moniker ready?
I’ll cross that road when I reach it, but I have a few things In mind.

8. Any old MAG scores you need to settle in Dust?
I don’t know the degree to which I will be playing DUST. Since uncharted 3 is looking to go on the MLG pro circuit I’ll be spending most of my gaming time practicing for that.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t pop on DUST to NUKE a few MAG clans though. The MAG clans that I dislike already know they have targets painted on their backs. I just don’t know the degree to which they can be destroyed yet so in a way I guess I’m waiting for information relating to how you can NUKE a corporation.

9. How can a Dust Corp dominate in Dust like 3C did in MAG?
What made 3C dominant on MAG was the fact that we kept the recruitment standards high. (As long as I was a part of it and actively recruiting people anyways) People in 3C executed plans flawlessly and with precision.  3C in MAG’s pseudo clan matches worked in terms of time. The key to winning clan matches got down to being able to control the clock and dictate the pace of the game.

10. can you prevent moles and spies from infiltrating your Corp?
 There’s no fool proof way to prevent moles and spies, but you can just keep ideas and plans to one’s self and only inform people when the time is right in regards to their particular role.

11. What should EVE Corps interested in hiring elite Dust Mercs know about Global Conflict?

Global Conflict isn’t just a one game clan. The players have been playing together for years.  Global Conflict is first and foremost an objective best clan with objective based players. The idea behind Global Conflict was to prove that players could be top players in a game, and have the actual stats to back up their position on a leaderboard.  If one of our guys isn’t playing up to par we will work with them, and give them advice on how to improve their game.  We play competitively and win.  I haven’t decided how involved in DUST I will in fact be, but our guys know how to play games. If you want to work with the best feel free to contact us.
As I said before I don’t know the extent to which I will be involved in DUST yet, but the only thing I wish to do is change the status quo of the EVE universe in which people have spent years creating.

13. What will be the most important aspect of maintaining a good Corp in Dust?

The most important aspect of maintaining a strong corporation in DUST will depend upon how involved in the world “X” CORP is willing to dive into. If you are just looking to fight battles all day than keep the caliber of players up to par, but if you are looking to change the game universe than you must be prepared to invest time and real world money into that goal. If you have a corporation in which everyone shares the same philosophy, and are willing to put the work into it than I see ambition more so than anything else as the key factor in creating a successful corporation.
14. Treachery is big in the EVE-verse, how do you avoid it?

Deception is something that can’t be avoided. I don’t think anyone is going to make it anywhere in EVE by playing it safe. DUST/EVE seems like the type of game where you have to be willing to get your hands dirty in order to progress up that ladder exponentially.  All you can do to guard against treachery would be to stay true to your alliance and your clan mates. In the event, people decide to cross you be prepared to NUKE them.
15. The floor is yours. This interview has been a long time coming. What would you like the world to know about Jumpman?

This interview has been a long time in the making lol. I’m glad I actually have to time to complete it today.  I guess I’ll send a word of caution to MAG clans that I particularly didn’t like. DUST seems like it could potentially be the wild west without SONY moderators to hide behind. If I get into the game you better believe I’ll be willing to spend my real world money to wipe you off the face of the game just because I can multiple times over.

I guess I’ll end this by addressing current EVE players and future DUST players. I am first and foremost a competitive player. I have skills with the dualshock, but I play with my head. I’m only concerned about winning and producing tangible results.  I came from the resistance series and then moved on to killzone/uncharted. I am a top player in any game I get into. I ended my MAG career undefeated in 32v32 player battles. I know how to manage players, and create plans allowing people to maximize their potential as a player.  If placed against me you better believe you’ll be destroyed. I can be your greatest ally, or I can be your conqueror.  The universe you’ve spent the last several years building is of interest to me, and depending upon how involved I get in your game trust and believe you universe won’t be the same after I’m through with it.


  1. Sounds like a douche to me... I will enjoy watch him spend real world money for the game while I spend the mountains of isk I have already acquired for free.

  2. Good interview. It's cool to see some history behind MAG since I never played it myself. Definitely want to face off on this guy.

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  5. A thing you need to know about Mr. Jumpman, is that his arrogance is his weakness. In MAG, once you got him anywhere near the 30 death mark (Purple Heart), you wouldn't see any more of him :D

    That said, I did have fun the times I played against him, it was a refreshing challenge. Unfortunately he wasn't around long enough in those game to dish out one of his "infamous" rape-sessions.

  6. oh, one of "those". a numbers whore who runs when his msg board friendly stats get exposed. he wont be a threat in Dust. better save his money for MW3.

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  13. jump doesnt just talk shit, he has the skills to back it up.

  14. JD, keyboard warrior in essence means someone who cant backup his cyber bravado in actions, in this contest, in a video game. You can say Jumpman is childish or full of himself/arrogant and such, and I wouldnt disagree (generally seems bored and likes to BS for attention). But I would defenitely disagree if you said he cant backup his words (most of them) in game.

    And regarding the ACTUAL interview, and not his persona, which he likes you guys to focus so much on (btw jump, boring no namedropping flames lol, we all know who you meant), pretty sound interview. Especially the part about cautious about Dust, I love and find the concept of it amazing more then most prolly, but yeah defenitely need to see or try the gameplay mechanics to see if it holds up.


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    specific MAG clans which will be "nuked" for the lulz
    How much of a threat a strong FPS player who decided to play DUST can potentially be to the EVE universe.

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