Thursday, September 1, 2011

Player Interviews: Broadcastorm

Our most recent interviewee comes to us from Serbia. Introducing: Broadcastorm
He's an EVE player, has confirmed he's a future DUST Merc and
he also is the brains behind: 
Keep reading for details. 

1. What's the name of your character in EVE? What race is he and why?
In EVE, my character name is Aothereon, and he is Amarr! Why? They
have prettiest ships! I fell in love with Vengeance the moment when I
saw it.
2. How long have you resided in New Eden?
I officially started playing since the launch of Apocrypha (2009) even
though I did play on other account before while Trinity was active,
back in 2007.
3. What brought you to EVE and what made you stay?
The different game compared to all others. Every single thing you do
in EVE really does make you feel better about your character, and your
overall game progress. It takes time, but in the end, when you reach
that goal - it sure does feel awesome to fly a ship that you always
wanted or anything you put up as a next goal for yourself in game.
4. What inspired you to blog about Dust 514?
The EVE community and CCP themselves. I've always been a fan of their
style and the way they deliver gaming experience to the players. Dust
514 back in 2009 when it was announced constantly was in the back of
my mind and made me think how console players never actually
experienced MMOFPS at all, and how cool it would be to prepare them
slowly somehow for that kind of experience. So here I am now, trying
to blog about it!
5. Its a question we ask everyone: Are console players and pc player compatible?
Indeed they are, it just has to be done right - just like CCP will do.
They will let PC players play their own game, and console players play
theirs, but I don't expect ten million players in the universe- I
expect dedicated, smart and mature players to come to New Eden and
stay there for good, no matter the platform.
6. Many people have mentioned an offline training mode, or a training
simulator due to the learning curve, do you agree?
When I think about EVE, and how rough the game is, I kind of want to
see DUST as hard as EVE. That essentially means to be thrown in the
battle straight away without knowing anything about it. Although, I do
understand that some people would like offline training so they come
"prepared" for the game when they come online. I personally don't see
the point of that in the long run, because you will anyway come online
to play it, and there you will get the entire experience and learn new
things constantly.
7. EVE is known to be treacherous, are EVE players licking their chops
waiting  on the console noobs?
Hah! EVE players don't really think too much about DUST. They are kind
of in the mood to see it for themselves how it will going to pan out
and then see what are the possibilities. They are still too busy
killing, scamming and betraying each other! But yeah, I guess there
will be some EVE players that would like to bash around some new meat,
but that's the way they will learn new things a lot faster! Hopefully
they will not repeat their mistakes, though.
8. We've heard mention of maps that are 5km x 5km. Goodness thats big,
do you think thats correct?
It is big, but it may even feel bigger! You are soldier, and unless
you are navigating the ship, you will have long road ahead of you. The
goal of those huge maps is mostly for the immersion sake, so the
players don't feel they are in a tiny box where they have to win the
match and instead see in the distance terrain and areas they can
explore! It's a sandbox, and it needs to feel that way. So yeah, I
think it may even go bigger at some point!
9. What's the name of your corp? Are you in an alliance?
My corporation is The Rising Stars, in "Mostly Harmless" alliance. It
is up to you though, to guess if the name of the alliance is honest or
10. Do you plan on hiring DUST mercs? If so, what are you looking for
in a merc corp?
I will be DUST player myself. When the time comes, I will open my box
that has PS3 in it and go nuts. But I know that almost every corp will
for sure hire DUST players for a common interest. I will gladly
cooperate with players in both games. Personally, I will not hire
mercenaries in EVE- I'm leaving that for other EVE commanders and
leaders. You know, those tactical minds.
11. Spying in EVE, what should DUST hopefuls know about it?
That EVE players will buy PS3 and make account and train and get into
your corp and see what you are doing if you are not careful who do you
recruit and play with! Some EVE players have even up to ten EVE
accounts and they are actively playing all of those. Why? Because
there is a lot of money to be made in New Eden and greedy humans never
seem to have enough of it. So yeah, stay together. Pick your corp
mates (both EVE and DUST ones), and you will be all well away from
12. Quitting out of games that were going badly was popular in MAG,
how is this handled in New Eden?
CCP's track record shows that they do like to deliver on a "incomplete
product", but the fact is: not a single game is a complete product
because there is always something to be added, improved, or removed.
When beta starts, a lot of players will realize how big the game is,
and how it makes you want to log back in every day to learn new things
and experience that kind of social game. At one point you will not
look at the game but at the people you are playing with and that's
what DUST will deliver for sure. War will be constantly going on
somewhere, you just need to decide if you want to be part of it or
13. Support on console games is sometimes spotty and inconsistent.
What can you tell us about CCP in regards to fixing imbalances and
In EVE, there are not so many imbalanced things if you look at the
game overall, but of course your average EVE fanatic will always tell
you that there are some broken things in game that need fixing ASAP.
CCP is a small team of people compared to some major gaming companies,
but they always talk with their fans, the CSM and everyone to make
sure what they need to get fixed now and what later on. Exploits are
very rare though and if they happen they are fixed and exploiters
banned straight away.
14. What one element would you like to see in Dust 514?
I would love to see complex, long battles in DUST, and I hope we will
see those as the game moves forward with us. I'm talking about battle
that takes even days to finish, and where you can deploy more and more
players on the fly.
15. If you could ask the developers one question, what would it be?
I would love to hear more about plans of the future of CSM and also to
see preview of the official forums for DUST soon!
16. From an EVE player's perspective, how nice will it be to see some
of these planets from the surface in Dust?
Indeed it will be awesome for me. Planets in EVE don't really have
that much of a personality today, but with DUST, planets will make EVE
players go "wow.. there are hundreds of players fighting over there
right now". That's what I love the most.
17. Look into your crystal ball and tell me about New Eden are year
from now. What do you see?
I predict chaos! DUST players started to pour in, EVE players will
want as many planets as possible to own with their DUST mates, and
then the war will start. DUST players will realize that it is not all
black and white and that they want to own a piece of this universe and
that they want to become better soldiers every day. After that, it
will be up to them what they want to do, while EVE players will wear
pretty hats and shirts in their space-caffe, watching the planets
explode with conflict!