Monday, September 12, 2011

Dust Mythos Episode 1: The New Eden Address

Hello New Eden.

I am a spy.

I sabotaged your refinery two weeks ago, processing plant last week, and the space elevator yesterday. Have fun paying millions of ISK to rebuild. I recommend dropping your current mercenaries for ones that do not have moronic level internal security. 

I know you're moving to another sector because some miners just found untold amounts of enriched ore. However, remember how you lost the previous big find? The rival corporation outbid you but, was then was systematically slaughtered by orbital strikes. The New Eden media ridiculed the corporation for not having their anti-air artillery functional. EVE corporations dropped their services left and right. Whole platoons quit your rival and joined corporations like yours. How many of those mercenaries did you hire? Did you make sure they were not me?

I provided you with real-time battle intelligence about your rival mercenaries rushing the valley instead of taking the high ground. You took advantage of their stupidity and won the decisive battle for your corporation leading to you dominating the whole sector. You think your current intel and spy networks provided you with this information? They did not. Did you know the, now demoted to private, rival commander loves to brag about his ‘new’ battle plans with his drinking buddies? I did. 

As you can see, I know a lot. Why? Simply put, I want revenge. Revenge for all of my friends you killed before immortality was possible. Revenge for destroying my marriage and murdering my family. I want to make you pay for all the bullshit you said about doing the right thing, but turning around and back-stabbing everyone. Revenge for making me go this far, for making me the man I am today, and loving every minute of it.

You see, I have done all these things since you took everything from me to bring you, your friends, your corporation, everything, to a certain point. Now perhaps, you still can’t figure it out. I understand. That’s why I’m going to tell you my story. So you understand. Sit back and enjoy the destruction of your ‘life.’


  1. wow! who wrote this?

  2. this was a really good story. I can see alot of writing like Stranded coming from this.

  3. me likey...more please

  4. this is good. fanfic RULES!