Friday, September 23, 2011

Capturing the Enemy?

So we got to thinking. While it's accepted that most games that include warfare are take no prisoners, What if you're the sort that likes to sit your enemy in a dark, dusty cell and feed him outdated rations. If you so choose, can you capture the enemy in Dust 514?

It's a valid question. While not many corps will have the ISK necessary to house and feed the defeated, what about those with backing from wealthy and established EVE Corps? While we're sure the enemy would prefer to die and respawn in a ready-made clone, what if he can't because he's in chains instead waiting to mine the planets surface as slave labor?

food for thought.


  1. Cyanide tooth. That oughta do it.

  2. no capturing for my corp either. "We'll never be taken alive!"

  3. lame.
    no one is gonna want to play a game where they are being held as slaves for months, thatll kill off the seriously who writes this stuff?

  4. i like'd probably be the first one on the chain gang.

  5. Yeah, I could see people trying to do that, but if I have a clone and all I have to do to escape my bondage is die?

    Suicide pill FTW!!