Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suggestion: Battle Simulator

In our interview with EVE's Grideris, he mentioned a feature that we haven't been able to get our minds off since. "I’m sure many corporations would love to have a Battle Simulator that they can just jump into and use at anytime."  YES. INDEED WE WOULD.

In the minds of shooter fans everywhere the Training/Battle Simulator is revered like the holy grail or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's better than dogfights (well, almost) People talk about it, sometimes its hinted at or written about on some obscure wishlist, but no one ever SEES it. And I guess that's why we're writing this, because the Trainer/Battle Simulator might quite possible be the BEST SHOOTER FEATURE EVER.

Imagine it, a place to develop the skills of your new recruits, or hone those of your elite soldiers. A way to practice outside of an actual enemy engagements, so that you could assess the skills of your operatives. A Simulator has multiple uses, it could be used to schedule intrasquad scrimmages between your fighting force, to have your best assets fight alongside those that need training, so that they can develop correctly, or see how far they still have to go. Or simply as an obstacle course where the soldier in your corp with the best time will surely have bragging rights.

The Simulator gives us a chance for practice sessions, to acclimate to new weapons, and to work on new tactics--all without the risk of costing yourself millions of ISK and clones in the process. With any other developer we might never bother to mention a feature as ground-breaking as a Battle Simulator, but CCP's track record says that they might be the one developer to offer a feature like this.

In the end, the Simulator is a feature with true value, and its one we'd gladly part with ISK to obtain.


  1. a simulator is good, get some tactics going, learn new things, hone skills. many possibilities with them, im glad they have that. mag sadly did not have such a thing, thus resulting in a slew of players that honestly had no idea what they were doing.


  2. best. idea. ever.

  3. i like this one too.

  4. full support behind this. hope they do it