Saturday, August 20, 2011

Player Interviews: YDubbs81 from RND

We're not the only ones migrating over to the EVE-verse in anticipation of DUST 514. We've had the opportunity to begin our forum interviews with more than just a few future DUST Mercs. First up? YDubbs81 from RND.

Bruce Harmon: So you guys are still pretty active in MAG. How did you hear about DUST 514?
Ydubbs: I'm not sure who...I believe it was Gobbybobby who posted on our RND clan website and asked if we were going to get DUST because they were starting to form alliances.
Bruce Harmon: Who was starting to form alliances? 
Ydubbs: I believe KEQ & V-C were starting...if I'm correct. 
Ydubbs: I guess, I should have my facts straight before I start calling names....but if my memory serves me right, I think those two clans were the ones in the alliance.
Bruce Harmon: I understand. Rumor is there's a pretty big bidding war going on for your services. Have you chosen an alliance yet?
Ydubbs: Ooooh, if there's a bidding war...I'm flattered, lol. I know that I've been approached from the ^D^ as well. I believe we're going to lean towards Kushmir and V-C's alliance.
Ydubbs: Nothing is set in stone but Kush is a cool dude and we've been riding with KEQ for a while now. All a great bunch of guys.
Bruce Harmon: Sounds good. people like quality. is there a reason why you guys might choose that alliance?
Ydubbs: I believe people like to win. In order to be able to win, you must have quality players. Some of the players in MAG have played against us and recognize our level of organization and skill to get the job done. I receive messages after every game.....either to hate or to congratulate.
Bruce Harmon: hate or congratulate. i like that.
Ydubbs: And now, RND has reached a level where we command respect when we're in DOM.....and I think players want to transport that into DUST. Because from what I hear, it's going to be a very strategic game
Bruce Harmon: Yes. strategy is going to be big, from what we've been told.
Ydubbs: Yeah...we have recruited players who have witnessed us in Dom and we have also picked up enemies from those who constantly get ripped.   
Ydubbs: The anticipation for DUST is huge
Bruce Harmon: Understood. yes people are anticipating it a great deal. so ^D^ is in your alliance as well? (well not officially, you're still leaning, right?)
Ydubbs: I think they're forming a different alliance than what Kush is forming.  
Bruce Harmon: Understood.
Ydubbs: But yeah, lol, I'm still leaning towards V-C. V-C and KEQ stood for what we have and they're a real good bunch of we'll see :D
Bruce Harmon: I get it. you guys are the prized free agent right now it seems. so what about the ~^~, SYN, 3C group?
Bruce Harmon: are they an option as well?
Ydubbs: lmao, I don't think those guys are going to ask us for an invitation
Bruce Harmon: Really? Explain.
Ydubbs:You know from all of the drama that occurs on the forums. It seems most of them didn't like the fact that I tend to promote my clan and I defend my members. Many flame threads have resulted because of it
Ydubbs: What I've been doing lately, is try to counter some of their flames with logical and non-offensive statements, in an effort to salvage some of the relationships. But some guys are just dead set on disliking RND. But I know I've reached some of them. I've since had apologetic messages and some have stopped flaming
Bruce Harmon: So you don't like each other. can you be more specific? Were there problems with all three clans?
Ydubbs: It's not so much that we don't like them.....they don't like us. And we're not built to try and get along with those that don't WANT to get along with us. If it's war, then let it be war. Clans in MAG are so diluted that I can't just say, the entire ~^~ or the entire 3C. It's just a group of individual players.  
Bruce Harmon: understood. Do you think that most of the alliances are going to DUST but still staying loyal to their MAG faction?
Ydubbs: I believe some of these clans have built strong online friendships. For example, RND members...true RND members have found their home with our clan. I know PHI, is the same way. So, yeah, I believe that the players that have fought the Shadow War together will remain together. And that's a general prediction....because I know some may have formed new friendships and will probably switch.
Bruce Harmon: Understood. It'll almost be like a clan war .vs. other corps huh?
Ydubbs: What should really happen, if you ask that all of the present MAG players, that have been loyal to this game....should just all align together and wage war against everyone else. I would be in total support of that. I mean, if MAG really slows down because of DUST, the present MAG playerbase should just form a strong group and face all of the COD, Socom, etc players. We should set our differences aside and show them that the MAG players have more skills than any other game playerbase
Bruce Harmon: Do you think it would work?
Ydubbs: Anything is possible.....anything can work if the players want them to. or two individuals may not get along but they don't have to play in the same squads together.  
Bruce Harmon: understood. so when did you know RND was elite?
Ydubbs: Wow...that's a big It's like asking a man with $500,000, when did he know that he was rich.  
Ydubbs: lol RND isn't an elite clan....we're just very strong. We have players in every skill level
Bruce Harmon: ok.
Bruce Harmon: Are you being modest? So what clan would you like a crack at if you had a a choice?
Ydubbs: Again, I'm flattered if some think that we are elite...although, I've never heard anyone mention that. Umm, I would really like to take crack at LoL in a 32v32 sabo battle.
Ydubbs: That's a big notion but I think that we can take them and I'm a huge competitor. In order, to claim to be the best, one must beat the best
Bruce Harmon: agreed. do you think they're the best? name the top 5 clans in MAG.
Ydubbs: Top 5 clans in this point, now?
Bruce Harmon: How about all-time?
Ydubbs: Well, top 5 all time, that I've been aware of would have to be 3C, ~^~, KEQ, V-C, RND. I think some may argue my list but 3C & ~^~ goes without saying. KEQ is a strong clan that have proven their test of time. Not to mention, that they take brand new players and still put in work. I've seen mentor clans and most are not able to do what they can do in game. V-C is undefeated in sabo. And the roster that RND has right now plus our strategy is really serious business.
Ydubbs: Now, that was my top 5 under the duress, lol. But clans I'd like to mention are BHD, PHI
Ydubbs: People can say what they want about BHD but they are the most formidablel Dom opponent that you'll face in SVER. And PHI is the most underrated Raven clan. They have beasts in that clan.
Bruce Harmon: that's fine. so how has the last year prepared you for dust 514?
Ydubbs: Well, MAG was my first it took me a long time to learn some of the mechanics of first-person shooters. Since MAG's learning curve is so steep, I think it gave me the best foundation to excel in other FPS shooters.
Ydubbs: Once I master finding cover...I'll be fine ;)
Bruce Harmon: what aspect of DUST are you looking forward to?
Ydubbs: What piqued my interest about DUST is the fact that it's a never-ending story. It appears as if every game that you're in affects the gameplay of others..such as EVE players. I like the realistic feel of that. MAG had the Shadow War and it was supposed to be the same way. I'm also looking forward to the 32 v 32 or 64 v 64 battles. I love large multiplayer games
Ydubbs: Plus, there is going to be a 3rd person social room...all of that sounds sick Bruce Harmon: give me one thing they can take from MAG and make DUST a better game.
Ydubbs: Massive Action. The more people they place on a battlefield..the better. One thing they can take from MAG, as in learning from to implement clan support.  
Bruce Harmon: I think with corporations they already have that. so what is one MAG mistake they should avoid?
Ydubbs: They should avoid listening to the little complaints from casual reference to patches and improving the game. They should figure out a way to point out the hardcore DUST players and then take a poll from them..or something.
Bruce Harmon: Whoah, thats pretty big. any goals in DUST?
Ydubbs: Same as in MAG. Dominate and have fun....maintain great online relationships
Bruce Harmon: console players and pc players are generally described as being cut from a different cloth. anything you'd like EVE players to know?
Ydubbs: Not really, as I don't know much about PC players 
Bruce Harmon: classic...thats a perfect console player answer.
Ydubbs: lol hahaha
Bruce Harmon: anything else you'd like to leave me with? floor is yours.
Ydubbs: Ohh man....floor is mine? you put me on the spot. 
Bruce Harmon: Sorry about that :)
Ydubbs: Just RND to the end.....I love this clan and being in it and playing with the players that I've been playing with. All of my members that have been there from the beginning when we were small just trying to get a name for ourselves. We've fought hard matches and we've built a name for ourselves out of that diligence. Shoutout to all of my officers...Shoutout to all of our new recruits that are helping to solidify our stance in Valor. Shoutout to the clans that we have aligned... 
Ydubbs:....and those that we play against.  
Bruce Harmon: Nice. Glad to hear it. Last question; What does Ydubbs81 mean?
Ydubbs: lol, that's a long story. I used to play basketball and I was a young dude giving the older cats business on the courts. So, they used to call me YoungWorld. That turned into YW for short and then they shorten that to Ydubbs. So basically It's my old neighborhood streetname.  


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