Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Player Interviews: The Regis Mark V

  •  Unless you've been living under a MAG rock in suppression for the past year, chances are you know who The Regis Mark V is. He's the smack-talking, blue-dot trainin', fast-shootin' mouth of The Dark Flock. We're pretty sure you've heard him at least once over platoon chat doing what he can to prevent people from sniping from the spawn. Keep reading for some of his views on what we can expect from DUST 514.
    • so tell us about the ZSA? 
      • Well Zaibatsu Syndicate or ZSA for short is an alliance of some of the best clans that MAG has to offer. From 3c, FLOCK, SYN, D|Z and some others.
    • wow, how did all of those groups come together?
    • Well The REGIS expressed his desire over the MAG forums to start a corporation little did REGIS know there were others who felt the same. There were talks for weeks over facebook about the formation of this alliance.
      Bruce Harmon
      • who's the alliance leader?
    • The Regis There is no alliance leader our alliance is more like a round table, a democracy if you will. Each clan/corporation within the alliance has it's leader and two officer's represent the corp in the alliance. Everything gets voted on.
    • understood. that's impressive, whats the goal of the ZSA?
    • Well Zaibatsu is a Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, whose influence and size allowed for control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji period until the end of World War II. Those are our goals as far as New Eden and the rest of the galaxy goes.
    • Soooo. control over the galaxy?
    • In simpler terms, yes
    • wow, well you've certainly got the players to do it. who are the other clans you didnt mention?
    • Okay so the clans that are in are 3C, Flock, El Capi's NEW, SYN, and D|Z. under consideration are TLN, PHI. We are still looking for other clan/corps to join us in our fight but there are strict guidelines to get in and you must be voted in by the heads of the democracy.
    • wow. so what are you most looking forward to in Dust?
    • The persistence! Oh and The fighter planes
    • fighter planes? we hadn't heard that...
    • Well it's supposed to be one of the 10 vehicles in game it was in the Alpha gameplay vid
    • thats incredible. so many are comparing Dust to a MAG 2. What say you?
    • Well MAG is a great game despite Scott Rudi and his horribad coding. But there were a lot of things promised to us for MAG that we did not get. Dust is actually giving us the persistence we wanted and CLAN WARS!So Dust is Dust and MAG is MAG
    • Two different games. Got it. what MAG elements wouldn't you mind seeing in DUST?
    • The Regis would like to see the command system that MAG had in Dust. But offer some type of training for the leadership positions.
    • right. anything else?
    • Nope
    • So given EVE's long history, can console DUST players even make a dent in the EVE-verse?
    • Yes, The REGIS believes so given the fact that EVE is tied to the game. The REGIS firmly believes that FPS gamers will take there world and turn it upside down
    • Even though they have an eight year start?
    • They may have an eight year start but there are other EVE players who are willing to use us mercs to gain advantage. They may have had 8 years to build but empires have fallen in a matter of days. Look at Rome
    • So I take it the ZSA is looking to form its own corporation rather than to work for one from EVE.
    • Oh no. There are talks with an EVE corp to The REGIS' understanding.
    • gotcha. Do you think that PC players look down on DUST players as cannon fodder?
    • Some might and some might not.
    • At this point who really knows whats going on in the EVE verse
    • TDF and 3C are notable MAG names but how many core players are still on the roster?
    • Well The REGIS has heard that a lot of the old core players will return for Dust. I hope they have semi-auto Sniper Rifle's in EVE
    • any old MAG scores to settle?
    • No not at all. It's simple if your not with us your against us.
    • you're known for your bravado and over the top personality. how was The Regis created?
    • Well The REGIS is a big fan of The ROCK and REGIS MK V from MEGAS XLR and said why not combine the two this PSN was also inspired by Dust because REGIS name has a meaning to it.
    • haha. got it. what one question would you ask a CCP dev?
    • How is game testing coming along and when can we see some gameplay?
    • how will you know whether Dust 514 is a success?
    • The beta will reveal all. CCP already said this is a hardcore game meant for hardcore players so COD numbers are out of the question. So well see what happens when The beta drops.
    • MAG players seem anxious for Dust. why?
  • Regis
    • Well The REGIS thinks it's mostly due to big battles with actual persistence you lose a battle you lose a strong hold not just a color tab switching hands giving your enemy a bonus.
    • what do you hope to see in social area?
  • Regis
    • The REGIS doesn't know. A third person social area in a FPS sounds awesome on it's own.
    • Does it intimidate you at all that EVE players already have fleets, air superiority and billions of ISK?
    • Well if The Regis went in intimidated then whats the point in playing? Did money and more numbers stop Afghanistan when they fought the Russians, or the Vietnamese when they fought us, or when we whooped some ass in both WWI and II. The REGIS has one thing to say to the EVE corps/alliances that are against us... JUST BRING IT!
    • good point. will you spend money in Dust?
    • Yes The REGIS is already putting money to the side for Dust. A lot of money! economic warfare at it's best.
    • What lessons can CCP learn from MAG?
    • Well since there will be no need to nerf weapons because everyone will have access to the same things. Just don't listen to casuals who will leave the game after a few months

    • the last devblog mentioned interactions outside of the console. any ideas on what that means?
    • Not really
    • Has MAG prepared you for life as a DUST merc?
    • As far as big battles go yeah but The REGIS is sure there will be plenty of new things to learn
    • what should EVE corporations interested in hiring a DUST corp know about the ZSA?

    • That we are very serious in what we do and we will only put our best foot forward.
  • Bruce Harmon
    • All of it!
    • haha! anything you'd like to leave us with? The rest of the time is yours.
  • Regis
    • The Regis is The jabroni-beatin, pie-eatin, eyebrow-raising, The REGIS_MARK_V.
    • But seriously everyone bring your game face


  1. haha good job regis can't wait to join you in dust bro. we got alot to accomplish it seems


  2. speaking of yourself in 3P isnt clever. this ZSA is starting to annoy me. these guys think eve players are supposed to be impressed with them? rubbish.

  3. Michael just wait,

    You'll see what we can accomplish.


  4. LOL, you manage to crack me up and get me pumped for Dust even more at the same time Shade, too funny.


  5. lol why is michael always hatin? jeez u take things really seriously bro did REGIS offend u in anyway?




  7. Can't wait for Dust, damn it REGIS, you're getting me pumped up for it!!!

    Michael, just wait. I've played with or faced a lot of the ZSA members, we will be a force that will dominant.

    ~ Your lovable Mogwai <3

  8. Michael The REGIS is well known this is who The REGIS is if you don't like it to bad. You can take a stroll down know your role blvd, at the corner Jabroni lane and check yourself into the smackdown hotel!


  9. big hype for a game...hope it satisfies for so long like mag did. Nice job guys


  10. Cannot wait, serious alliance for serious people (THE REGIS is very serious) that want to align with serious gamers. If you have contracts to give out, business to be made, then ZSA is the first Dust alliance you should touch base with. All well established PS3 clans who have taken a year in advance to prepare for this game.

  11. It should be noted [D|Z] has stated they want to play the game and see how it works before joining alliances. Night, Carnage, and myself have all said that since we were asked by spade151.

  12. Did not know that Mud.


  13. haha dissention in the ranks already? sad.

  14. you guys are nothing like suk_a_face said you were. no way we'd ally with you. too many little children.

  15. @An EVE player said
    silly child we said MAG not prepared for a cross clan alliance like u never seen before... MAG only carries "thinking man" players


  16. actually suk_a_face was recruiting us to ally with you. then these interviews went viral and now youre ZSA is a joke to the EVE community. you might want to check your facts. you guys talk too much.

  17. 'An eve player' could be anyone, trolls do troll, its what they do.

    Truth is we are a serious alliance with a core of skilled (with reputation to account for it) clans that have made clear of their intentions from the start, hence how we are so established at this time.

    Heckle all you want, you want to be the best you play with the best. A lot of EVE players are expecting console players to be happily recruiting members, being invite friendly, and not understanding the deeper political currents that run this game, currents which promote espionage.

    This just simply wont be the case with us, we have more then enough measures to ensure that fact and are aware of all directions threats can come from.

    We are a safer bet then 99% of the trash that will flow in at launch. The extra percent is our competition.

  18. ^if you think that last comment is a cocky statement, then you probably havnt played console games.

  19. wtf are u guys arguing about? ZSA is getting together good players and this interview just states where we come from and what we plan on doing. god you guys are getting butthurt over an interview? we talk to much?

    eve player you do realize that all these comments are anonymous right? and the only ppl who are from ZSA are regis numbers and me in here posting. even then anyone can put their name down. wtf do u expect from us? u act like trash talking is a foreign concept to you, even then none was happening.

    At best he was cocky, that is because we dominated mag. so we have reason to, yeah you guys have years on EVE, that is irrelevant. u want use to bend over for EVE players?


  20. Okay first off if anyone felt that I was arrogant or too cocky for you read the top of the interview. Where it says The REGSIS is a smack talkin, blue dot trainin, fast shooting mouth of The Dark Flock then look at where I created this persona from The REGIS_MARK_V and The Rock so obviously you should expect the interview to be a certain way. If you believe I am truly that way then you are crazy when it comes to Dust it's all business time.

  21. this wanker? Way to be a bigot to the english and a bloody racist on a videogame.

  22. ^u do realize he was getting teamkilled right? i guess he forgot he was on the company chat. hey i would be mad too if my own teammates came after me. but sadly you have to deal with alot of retards on mag.


  23. JD

    This was after the group of ignorant people told the Regis they had a rope and a tree waiting for him.

    It's not Regis' fault he has to deal with ignorant racists

  24. @ JD If you hear what the guy was saying to me then you wouldn't say that The REGIS was only giving back to him what he was giving to me. Also I never said the N word that game it's two completely different voices. I don't use that word and never have. When a guy says he's gotta a nice rope for my neck and a bunch of other things all bets are off.

  25. no way in hell D/Z should be associated with this fail alliance. already digging a whole for urself and the game hasnt even started.

  26. As a long standing player of both Eve and FPSs including MAG I got one word for the Regis when it comes to Eve and Dust 514..... Clueless....

  27. lol @ all comments on a troll who trolled everyone which gave birth to more trolling on trolls who thought they were trolling the original troller.

    You all need to get your life sorted, trolls. This copious amounts of flaming and trolling going on here is no doubt what EVE players fear at the launch of dust.

  28. zsa = sinking ship

  29. nope. nice try troll. we still strong and building.