Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Player Interviews: Grideris of EVE

You knew it was only a matter of time before the EVE players made their presence known. Recently we were able to sit down with EVE's Grideris (also known as dust514.org's Da Chucky) for a long and informative chat.

You've got a pretty unique perspective as an EVE player, how would you describe the EVE populations reaction to DUST 514?
You’ve got some people that love the idea of being able to ground pound, you’re got some that love the idea of nuking the entire site from orbit (just to be sure), you’re got some that don’t like how it will potentially mess up their game and then you have others that don’t like it that EVE isn’t CCP’s only project anymore. So in short? Mixed. Very mixed.
2. How long have you played EVE?
I’ve only been playing EVE since early 2009. So compared to some people, I’m still quite new at it. However, I have spent umm... excessive amounts of time playing the game.

3. Describe EVE for console players who may not be familiar.
EVE is basically what happens when you take normal people, make them pseudo-immortal demi-gods with the most powerful machines ever created at the command of their thoughts, and tell them to go nuts. There’s no hand holding by the game in EVE. Everything is driven by the player, and there’s not a lot holding them back from doing whatever the hell they want.

4. If you had to give DUST players any advice when it comes to dealing with EVE players what would it be?
Be cautious. I will admit, most people describe EVE players as being evil, scheming magnificent bastards that will backstab you and take everything you own at the first opportunity. And for some people, that’s actually the case. But not everyone is like that: some people genuinely want your services, and that’s it. Just use your common sense (which unfortunately is so rare these days it’s classified as a super power) and think before you act, you’ll be fine. Just remember, there’s another player on the other end. And if they do screw you over, don’t forget that you can always go after their stuff!

5. What would you warn DUST players to watch out for?
Anything that seems too good to be true. And spies – these guys are everywhere in EVE, and they really make keeping secrets a pain.

6. Give us your brief history in EVE, are you part of a corporation or an alliance?
Personally, I have a bit of an interesting history with EVE. I started out as a humble miner, which was alright at first. Had a good group of people in my corporation, and we had some fun times. Then CCP started up the live events up again – you may have heard that Sansha’s Nation (some crazy guy that wants to stick implants in your head and remove all of your free will essentially turning you into a zombie). Basically I got really heavily involved in that, and I started FCORD – the Fleet Coordination Commission. Now I run public fleets to kick them back to the hole they climbed out of, as well as the static incursions that pop up around the place.

7. You've gone on record saying you'll play both games, do you think you're in the EVE minority with this?
Let me put it like this: I don’t think we will be in the majority. But I do think that everyone that has a PS3 and EVE will get DUST 514. Simple as that. From what I have seen, the main thing holding people back from picking up that controller is actually owning it.

8. Should EVE be intimidating to console players?
EVE should be intimidating to everyone. Even to those that play it. And trust me – it is.

9. Describe some of the major factions in EVE?
Well there are two different kinds of factions that we could talk about. We have the Empires and the major Pirate factions – these are the NPC guys. And then we have the player factions, or the alliances and coalitions. These are the guys that roll around Null-Security space, basically the wild west. They own those areas. Since trying to explain the player factions is an exercise in futility for me at the moment as I don’t keep up with the comings and goings of null-sec, I guess we should talk about the other lot.

In short, The Amarr is are religious slavers, Caldari are super capitalists with the state run by corporations, the Gallente are democratic freedom loving hippies and the Minmatar are a tribal culture that were previously all enslaved by the Amarr, with many still so.

However, those short descriptions hardly do justice to each empire. So if you really want to get a better picture, there’s more info here.

There are also the pirate factions to cover, but we’ll leave that for another time. Again, your best bet is to look them up here.

10. Could DUST 514 upset EVE's balance of power?
Could it? Considering that CCP want to tie DUST 514 into sovereignty in null-sec (basically who owns where), DUST 514 may radically redefine the entire game.  Not to mention the effects that the changes to planetary industry will have on the economy as a whole would be. So I reckon that upset is an understatement.

11. We read an article that one of EVE's player run banks recently had some problems, can you give us some details?
Well, there are many different things that could be referring to. I’m of the general opinion that any of EVE banks are basically scam operations. Remember what I said about using common sense? There is nothing stopping someone from running off with all the ISK – CCP is not going to drag them back and make them give you your ISK back.

12. From what you've heard about DUST 514 initially, what excites you?
The integration of the two games. I think that you could almost consider the two games as one. I must admit, the idea of also reaching out from orbit and laying the smack down on something is also pretty awesome – especially since it’s another player and it’s happening in real time.

13. Console and PC players are often described as opposites, do you have concerns about them occupying the same space?
I don’t actually. While there are some differences, I think some people use the minorities on both sides as the yard stick rather than the majorities, which are a fair bit closer.

14. Do you play any console games presently?
Presently? Not online at least. I have an Xbox 360 (yes I know, boo hiss!) and I do play games on it from time. But to be honest, I’m a PC gamer at heart. Doesn’t mean that I can’t rock a controller with the best of them.

15. Describe CCP as a developer to people not familiar with them.
CCP are a crazy bunch of Icelandic Vikings that created a completely ridiculous game that no one thought would work. They’re awesome people that love to have a laugh with the community from time to time – there are plenty of epic moments of counter-trolling from the devs on the forums if you go digging. However, there are many people that don’t like the direction that they are taking at the moment with the game (micro transactions). Mind you some of these people also complain about the sun coming up every day...

16. Say a veteran EVE player goes to DUST and signs up to work for his corporation, he then immediately transfers loads of ISK to his character there and outfits him with the best equipment and weapons. Fair or Unfair?
While in isolation, it might seem unfair, I think it doesn’t matter overall really. Firstly, devs have hinted that you will have some sort of skill training similar to what they have in EVE. Basically what happens is you queue a skill up, and it trains in real time – regardless of whether you are playing or not. This means that to use a lot of that awesome gear, you have to have spent time actually playing the game, regardless of how much ISK you have to throw around. There are also going to be achievement requirements for some  gear. So basically you have to work before you can spend all that ISK.

Second is player skill. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome shiny gun if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn! All it means is that you will die often, and it’s going to sting your balance every time you die. And you will die a lot.

17. Have the major EVE factions began recruiting DUST players yet?
I’ve heard about some whispers, but nothing concrete. Most Alliances like to keep everything internal, so chances are that they will recruit from within their already established ranks. And considering that some of the larger ones have several thousand players, I don’t think they will have a hard time doing so.

18. Are there any overdone FPS elements that you hope you don't see in DUST?
Static spawns. But I know that this is already being fixed in DUST 514.

19. What well-done FPS elements should DUST retain?
Vehicular combat. Seriously, tanks are awesome. And if they add MTACS (Mechanised Torso-Articulated Chassis, basically walkers), that will be icing on the cake.

20. When you hear phrases like "to have the tools to meet and make new friends (and enemies) while they’re sitting in front of their PS3 and even when they’re not." What do you envision?
In a nutshell: EVE, but on a console. I’ve had conflicts in the past with a number of people in EVE, but I’ve actually met some awesome people by being shot by them.

21. You're the admin of a DUST website ( http://www.dust514.org/ ) a place where a lot of discussion takes place. What are some of the best DUST suggestions you've seen so far?
The best one? Oh boy, I don’t know. There’s so many to choose from!

22. What other kinds of social areas do you hope to see in game?
What I really want to see ( and this won’t come for a while yet) is to have DUST players and EVE players able to interact in the same environments. That would be the pinnacle of awesome.

23. A recent BF3 trailer showed great looking dogfights. Do you think we could see something like this in DUST? (on the planet's surface of course)
Yes, I would love to see dogfights between aircraft. In fact, there are a whole heap of things that DUST 514 could take out of BF3’s book from what I have seen so far from BF3. But I am a big fan of the battlefield series, so I might be a little biased.
 24. Is a DUST training mode necessary? what would you like to see in it?
I think it is necessary. People need a place out of combat to get used to the mechanics of gameplay. However, I don’t think it should be just AI – I’m sure many corporations would love to have a battle simulator that they can just jump into and use at anytime. I would also  love to see a testing range with every kind of usable object available to you as a player (that is, everything you have the training and achievements for) – even if you don’t have it. I think especially with micro transactions, the try before you buy would help a lot.

25. A download-only title obviously won't be bundled with mics, with communication so vital does this worry you? Not really. Anyone that is serious will get some, and those that don’t wouldn’t listen to you anyway. The first group will be able to join the serious corporations, while the second will get to float around as free agents in instant action until they get one. I know I’m going to have it as a requirement for joining, and I’m sure others will too.


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