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The EVE Community Chimes in on DUST

Recently some of our research regarding Dust 514 turned up a thread by EVE player Mitauchi where other EVE players were discussing their soon-to-be relationship with console Dust 514 Mercenaries. There are some pretty interesting views. Read on for the details.

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Warped Aggression
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As a gamer who really enjoys both console and PC FPS games as well as Eve Online I have to say the announcement of Dust 514 a couple years back really excited me. The thought of being able to play another game type that I really enjoy and have it tied in any fashion to Eve Online really seemed like an awesome idea. Of course from the beginning many long time players (/trolls) have had rather nothing but negative things to say about the idea of an FPS tied in anyway to their beloved Eve.

I can appreciate their fear of such an implementation perhaps messing up something that many of us, for all our criticism, have grow to love. CCP have had their...well...challenges with deploying new expansions or "features" with Eve. That being said I still believe the best method is for those of us who want such an implementation as DUST to be successful is to get involved in the discussion rather than throw our hands up and emo to death about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

To this end I would like to hear from anyone who actually is looking forward to this game and what features or aspects whould you like to see implemented. I have read previous posts (can't think for the authors atm) that had some excellent points which would make the game a success in the eyes of both FPS players and Eve Online Players.

1. The game has to mirror Eve in complexity and depth rather than just being another cookie cutter FPS. Lets face if the game goes the cookie cutter route it will be buried by other FPS who just quite frankly have more experience and will probably do it better.

2. Give Eve players a reason to give a **** about DUST, but not hate it. People will find their own reasons to hate DUST 514 no matter what. The trick is making their involvement with DUST players beneficial enough to urge them to get involved but not make them. You force anyone to do anything against their will no matter how beneficial they will hate you for it.

3. Make sure that the RWMT does not = 'pay to win' or "gold ammo". I accept the fact that players will have the ability to buy weapons, vehicles etc through ISK or AUR which is in turn purchased via credit card. That being said a balance must be maintained similar to the methodology used in Eve where players who spend the time to grind ISK in DUST should be able to generate the same isk through the dedication of their time and efforts. Specialized weapons that are only available to players paying extra money to the game will make other players not want to play the game. ISK and item purchases should be designed to help players keep up with their friends and opponents when they do not have time to dedicate as much time to play DUST, rather penalize players who can not afford to make those purchases.

4. Make it fun to play. If you have to grind a map 40 times to take a territory then whats the point? The game has to be decent as a stand alone shooter and then let all the Eveish aspects make it complex, involved and great.

Hear if anyone has any thoughts on these types of items that would make DUST successful in the eyes of both Eve players and FPS players alike. I know this thread is a troll magnet but here are some items that have been said so many times they really are stale material for trolls and wont really be productive in this thread so I will just post them myself now so everyone can just get it out of their system now.

Hottest Troll responses to DUST 514 Topics
-Nobody cares about DUST 514...
-DUST will ruin Eve because...
-FPS players are too twitchy, immature or young to get involved in a complex world such as Eve...
-I won't play it because it is only on PS3...

So reply if your interested in playing DUST 514 and have some input. If your trolling at least come up with new material so I can have a laugh.

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  1. Everything I learned about this game has me really exited, the only thing I'm still not sure about is gameplay and environment variety.

    My main fear in gameplay is bullet damage, I want it to take about as many or more shots to kill someone compared to MAG. I don't want any 1 hit kills, including knives, grenades... but I won't mind a sniper rifle headshot being 1HK too much, and rocket launchers can be 1HK as long as the explosive range isn't that wide. Other than that I have no worries about gameplay because you can customize your character in ways to compensate, like if movements is too slow then you can customize your character to be faster with modules or something.

    Environmental variety is my second worry, if were going to be fighting on a variety of planets then there should be a variety of landscapes, like volcanic terrain, arctic terrain (maybe with frozen methane caps or Co2 caps), variety of different sky colors and atmospheric thicknesses, even different levels of gravity. I worry that CCP won't have nearly as much environmental variety as it should.


  2. KageHoshi we're recruiting writers for our blog team if you're interested. Your suggestions thread on the MAG forums is the stuff of legend.

  3. Enviromental variety is over rated in a lot of ways. If the universe of EVE is money driven (not the devs, but the player base) then they would only try to settle the most optimal planets. After all if you can mine asteriouds and the like then settleing a planet is either for tourism (not worth fighting a war over) or special resources only found on the planet. With 5k habitable planets last I heard you would expect people to settle/mine where it is the cheapest. Yeah some of what you mentioned would be really cool to fight around, but would a corp want to pay for specialized suits to fight on one specific planet?

    Rather than extremely varied planets being added I would love for the station capture part of EVE to become a Dust fight, or even let dreadnaughts be boarded by dust bunnies. Afterall planets are for the most part going to be the same, some buildiings and what not, and people will push for bigger and bigger fights on them. It would be sweet to have a 16v16 or even on smaller ships a 8v8 fight to defend/capture a ship. Of course the ship would have to not undercontrol of a capsuleer. From what my brother told me once stealing of ships does happen, why not turn it into a small scale dust fight?