Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CONFIRMED: Cross-Platform Voice Chat

 In the latest DevBlog CCP confirmed what many had only guessed at when the symbiotic relationship between DUST 514 and EVE was initially revealed. We've now gotten confirmation that the communication between the two games will be in Real-Time through chat channels, and that we'll also have the use of keyboards for text chat. These developments may not seem like much initially, but making sure the EVE/DUST 514 platforms are indistinguishable by coordinating everything on the back end is impressive. This also speaks to CCP's understanding of how paramount the social aspect of Dust will be. Warfare is only one aspect of an MMOFPS, and at some point there have to be non-engagement related activities that will round out the experience when we're suffering from the monotony of shooting people and combat fatigue...and CCP understands that. Feel free to get excited.