Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Things that EXCITE us about DUST 514...

After reading the latest DevBlog, our team over here in our little corner of the internet got to thinking. There sure are a lot of things to be excited about in DUST 514, aren't there? We've got some free time on our hands, so we decided to list some of the things we're looking forward to.

1. Hardcore Gameplay - We apologize in advance. No lag switches, game-killing glitches or kill-streak bonuses here...we're leaving that to the adolescents in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 49. I'm betting we're going to be entering uncharted territory in terms of gameplay, so you can probably forget everything you've learned about drop-shotting, dodging bullets, bunny-hopping and shooting people with RPG's or Grenade launchers at point-blank range, throw all of that stuff about setting up a tent and sniping from a mile away out the window, too. This is going to be a tactical shooter for adults, buddy.

2. Espionage - Although we trust CCP to make spying difficult, from reviewing EVE History it definitely takes place. Corporations will have to be very careful about their new recruits, as you never know who could be a spy from a rival corp. That flat out excites, scares and intrigues us. The opportunity for betrayal? COOL! Maybe we'll even get to download the mainframes of the corporations we defeat to find out where their other assets are we can raid their ISK storage. Interstellar Piracy FTW!

 3. Nuetral High-Sec Social Areas - Think Hans Solo and Greedo at that little bar on Mos Eisley in the first Star Wars (except without the guns) think DeNiro and Pacino in the restaurant scene in Heat. Heck think Mufasa in the pridelands with the treacherous Scar around in Lion King, while the ability to meet and greet with allies will be will the the opportunity to share the same space with enemies and rivals. WITHOUT WEAPONS. Talk about awkward silences, there's just something about being around people you don't like; that the next time you'll see, you'll be paid to shoot at. Go ahead and get all your veiled threats and cryptic messages ready, ladies and gentlemen.

4. Climbing to the top of the mountain, and Staying there - If you're skilled enough, smart enough, fortunate enough and savvy enough, you can make a foothold in DUST 514, build your power-base and become a force to be reckoned with and even feared. If you're lucky enough, no one will take it from you--for a little while. Getting to the top is the easy part, it's trying to stay there that's the problem.

5. Giving some Japanese Kid the Pimp Hand - NEWS FLASH: We're not in Kansas anymore, people. Have you by any chance paid attention to who plays EVE? Over 400,000 people from all over the world. Chances are that guy you're shooting bullets into? Doesn't speak english. Sure, half of the world has faster internet connections than us, but that's going to make the ownage that much sweeter.

6. Total War, Von Clausewitz Style - That's right, the opportunity to totally cripple your enemy is basically a feature in DUST 514. You can destroy their resources, obliterate their reinforcements, leave their War Barge a smoldering husk, render them penniless and then say something like "Remember who did this to you." Wait? What? Where do we sign up?

7. Consequences - "Nothing in life is free." Guess what? Not in DUST 514 either, folks. ISK makes the galaxy go 'round and everything worth doing costs money. Need new armor or a new gun? PAY UP. Want a nice shiny new Dropship? PAY UP. Diggin' that APC carrier with the rail-gun attachment? PAY. UP. A true persistent, connected world where our next shot can topple empires and losses can cost us everything? Oh, the possibilities...

8. Surrender - No, not us silly! the OTHER guy. There's no greater triumph than firing so many RAIL-powered rounds and dropping so many reflex-explosive munitions on the enemy's head, that finally he puts down his pulse rifle, takes his microfiber mesh hankerchief out and waves it weakly, willing to finally accept his defeat. Does it get any better than that? Oooops! Someone forgot to tell them that we don't take prisoners...BRAAAAAP!!

9. It's being developed in China - In case you've been under a rock for the past five years, the Chinese are uber-passionate about their online gaming, so yeah, that's a WIN for us.

10. Having people wanting to HIRE you because you're BAD ASS - That's right, you can build reputation and become notable, famous or infamous enough to be known throughout the galaxy. People will know you by your deeds--not to mention the pile of bodies you leave behind. Be good enough, and massive corporations with tons of influence and ISK will fall over themselves to pay for your services and supply you with the latest and scariest weapons and equipment.


  1. haha. that was gud.

  2. How will CCP be ensuring competitiveness with the aspects of FPS only style games like BF3? These developers get to focus all efforts on the details of a next gen FPS like jumping, hands out, real weapon knock, shaky screen, etc. My big fear is they sacrifice graphics, character animations, and have random bullet spread instead of real weapon knock for the sake of development of all the 'beyond' FPS things. I love all the new additions so making the game a great state-of-the-art FPS and also full integration with EVE would separate this from a gimick to a dominant market changer.

  3. i agree, i hope its not a gimmick game either. solid gameplay will prevent it from being like that. no rbs either.

  4. drop shooting or bunny hopping?? :(

  5. that's not confirmed. they're just speculating. is it that important to you?

  6. Consequences. LOVE IT.

  7. i dont mind playing with other countries but i hope the lag isnt bad.

  8. i cant wait to get paid to shoot people, about time!

  9. Nice interview!! The love for RND is great!! I hope Dust will be as badass as MAG so we can prove our skills there!! And off course dubbs humble as always:P