Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will "The Clan of Valor" Succeed?

This group of Valor Elites seeks to accomplish something unaccomplished in MAG History. Recently we had the pleasure of receiving their Mission Statement from one of our sources inside this potential major clan event:

The aim of “Clan of Valor” is to take advantage of the clan deploy function in order to be able to put platoon strength (and greater) Valor assets in the theater of the Shadow War. We aim to be one of the premier backbones of Valor Company clans extolling the virtues of teamwork, training, battle tactics brought together in a clan that is friendly and helpful to all members and our other Valor allies. Our aim is to the best of our ability defeat enemy PMC’s opposition whether they be clan based or assorted mercenaries. We will defend our own assets at all costs and do our best to achieve battlefield objectives. Win or lose anyone who face us will know they have been in a fight. We are aiming to be dedicated and loyal to our clan and our PMC. We aim to come up with multiple tactics to defend and attack enemy positions. We aim to use our resources and peoples strengths to best of our abilities. We aim to teach lesser experienced players the basics of the game, and develop intermediate and advanced users usage of advanced tactics and teamplay. In short we aim to be a rallying cry that brings back the bite for Valor to uphold its principles and to show that we will no longer be disregarded in this our shadow war!!!


  1. This has been a dream of mine for some time to unite Valor's best under a clan that by it's very nature puts it's PMC above it's tags. It's member clans putting aside their former rivalries and formalizing their former alliances to unite as one, to decide finally that it's members make the clan tag, not the other way around.
    Unfortunately, this somewhat vague 'mission statement' provides no contact information or organizational information.
    Pretty much, the mission statement could be the same for any number of smaller Valor clans aiming to become bigger. (we uber 1337, haz skills, recruiting fellow blue-dots, msg me in game, PSN: xxxx)
    Without some sort of charter of larger Valor clan leaders speaking on behalf of their current clans in agreement of a much grander coalition-force, this 'mission statement' essentially sets itself backwards a couple of steps by failing to identify itself with a single group.
    Now there could be multiple groups working against each other at cross purposes with the same goal in mind and instead of fulfilling their dream of unification, just end up making a bunch of people change into one of several different clans all claiming to be doing the same thing.

  2. agreed. you need to reach out to the founders of this move.

    Guys like Englishsnake, ID and plenty of other valor standouts. like ID said, you also need to provide contact info for people that are interested in participating. =V= has the full support of V-C, we'll eagerly assist in any way we can.

  3. =V= has already been noted by GNN!

  4. Its a simple mission statement that someone just decided to write up.

    As for the clan itself you can talk all day long but the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

    Of course lots of small clans have this idea but not many get too big tbh and stay quite small so why not unite them together?

    As for the bigger clans they prefer ther tags tbh so they end up being an alliance if anything.

  5. I understand ESnake, trust me I do. Those of us like kushmir, Grezkev and I can correctly assume that this is in fact [=V=], but for anyone else, this 'mission statement' fails to identify that.
    The main problems that occur trying to organize and implement a mega-clan is that it is sold as a utopian coalition of clans. As such, many clans tend to believe that this coalition is more of a dream than a reality, and decide not to support it further than simply being an ally.
    Allies are great, but it's kinda like getting to 'still be friends' with an ex. All the annoying stuff like having to chat room queue-sync across multiple allies, none of the perks of clan-deploy.
    The fact that clan-deploy seems to be responsible for a larger number of the disconnects and freezes had seriously stifled the efforts to move forward on this effort to maximize Valor's use of clan-deploy. Couple that with the first week of no voice chat in clan deploy lobby and no way to queue directives, and even those of us that can begin to imagine the potential of this feature realize the frustration and hesitation of those we are asking to join us in using it on a larger scale.

  6. Clan deploy got voice chat now i heard

    As for the freezing its holding us up tbh, i can move ppl in and we are about ready for it but because of the freezing issues we cant see how it will work out yet

    TBH with bigger clans being an alliance instead of part of the clan is there position on the matter. I can only do so much but its down to the clan istelf to sort it out on ther end with any help we can offer.

    I found smaller clans have been more receptive to the idea than bigger ones because they would lose a tag/rep/start all over again or other problems. But them are problems i cannot control because they are not my problems they are the big clans problems. I can only do so much on my end, its a 2 way process if anything and requires a bit ov give n go