Monday, October 11, 2010

Valor Makes It's Name Known

Valor Choppers setting down in unison along the jungle beaches of Southeast Vietnam
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Olivia Darby: "Olivia Darby reporting live from London for GNN news. Today we bring reports of escalation of conflict within the regions of Vietnam as well as economic and territorial developments in Africa. First, we begin with Vietnam as the rise of tensions as Valor secured a beachhead early Sunday evening approx 58 miles south of Ho Chi Minh city, the capitol of Vietnam. Cutting off all open communications with reporters on the scene, Valor has not made any public statements regarding the situation. As usual, GNN eagerly awaits an answer from a Valor Representative clan or division.

Ho Chi Minh City border, as of 6:30pm GMT, Monday
Within the Collective however, the Capitol has been barricaded to the best of its abilities by various divisions from the SVER Army. Streets are trapped with massive steel tank barriers, hotels have been turned into temporary field HQs, and markets once bustling with commerce is now quiet and errie. The stage is set for open fighting, and it is expected that Valor troops will move into the region within the week. Two SVER Soldiers stationed in the region had this to say,
B-Rad: 'If those green-backed rednecks think they can set up camp just 50 miles away from the heart of Vietnam, S.V.E.R airstrikes have another thing to say about it. Stay on your blasted North American continent, Valor. Asia is ours.'
MOB_Hitman: 'It makes the transport of their dead bodies alot more economical for them...'
In other military news, the pride of the SVER Naval fleet, Orions Pride, was seen leaving the Western port of Moat Peam in Southern Cambodia. Many wonder why SVER sent out their largest battleship with few defenses, which from the last sattelite photo appears to be steaming out of the South China Sea and towards the open Pacific Ocean. When asked about the vessel, SVER Collective leader Priya Khan stated that 'The Pacific needs something to fear.' These remarks come as strikingly hypocritical in light of SVER's condemnation over Raven sending their fleet into the Atlantic, although to a certain extent the Collective's interests in Brazil were at stake.
Lastly, Raven's inability to push further South due to SVER's continued presence throughout Southern regions of Africa has caused them to open up trading and economic ties to regional governments of Northern Africa. Northern Africa, once considered to be an area not available to PMCs due to the religious nature of governments, is now opening its relations to the idea of protection from an international military organization. Nations like Sudan, Egypt, and Chad will have an inherent leaning towards Raven simply due to the fact that Raven was the first to contact them with various economic, military, and political offerings that would inevitably help Raven seal territorial control of almost as much territory as the SVER Collective. The real question is, what does Raven have in plan for these newly acquired countries?
Before we sign off, our SVER field reporter Tom Bodazian had the pleasure of meeting with one of SVER's dedicated soldiers and warrior for the 'Enemy of the Public' division within the SVER Army. I'll let Tom's interview take it..."

Tom Bodazian: "This is Tom reporting for GNN News here in sunny South Africa. Stationed at one of the various bases in the northern border region of SVER Collective territory where only recently some fighting between SVER and Raven armored divisions turned the region into a hellstorm. Today however I have the pleasure of sitting down with one of these fine troops, code named OmegaBlackZero, from SVER's 'Enemy of the Public'. Tell us a bit about your outfit, Mr. Omega.."
OmegaBlackZero: "I haven't be apart of Enemy of the Public (>P<) for too long, probably about a month. It's a relatively small group of guys who typically fight alongside the independent contractors in SVER. The leader in our Shadow War division is TheLastNinja and has gained a bit of fame, having the most confirmed headshots and the most MVPs amongst all three factions. The Enemy of the Public extends their operations across many different theaters of war, and I haven't met but a fraction of our operatives. I met -TheLastNinja while operating my clan, The Organization (ORG), and after disbanding the clan, I floated around between a few different clans, including 3C (my recruiter was Spade151). Overall, I decided to join Enemy of the Public after testing the waters of various clan because of my familiarity with the member and how active they have been in the Shadow War as of late."

Tom: So when does your unit see most of its action?

Omega: We are more active during the Japanese prime time. I'm localized in Australia atm, as is another member. The majority of us see combat around the same time. One thing I can say about when we're active, we're getting a taste of how the Japanese clans operate which is a whole world of difference compared to how majority of the western based clans operate. It's actually pretty interesting to see them in action and how organized they really are. My biggest qualms would have to be their better connection speeds, which ends up making things a bit more difficult, but I don't mind the challenge."

Tom: "On the whole, how do you feel about the SVER Collective? Also, does your clan share allegiance with SVER specifically, or would you guys consider yourselves mercenaries?"

Omega: "Well, personally, I never agreed to the concept of mercenary based states. We're contractors working for a company, and it's one of the reasons I left Raven in the first place. I had issues with Raven's corporate structure and the higher ups in charge, specifically their lack of tactical knowledge which led Raven in it's early days of having a bad track record for victories in the oil market. They've obviously remedied this issue and have, until recently, been doing much better in the oil production aspect of their operations. I joined SVER originally due to the many ex-military contacts I knew before the Shadow War began. Overall, my experience in SVER was a much more profitable and enjoyable experience, having evolved alongside SVER through the good and bad times we've experienced. SVER operatives are more inclined to work alongside each other and tend to do their respective jobs better. Personally, I wished I had been fighting in SVER sooner, just so I could claim to have been apart of their vision from the beginning."

Tom: "It seems then that you settled with the right group of soldiers. What is it you'd like to see from SVER in the future?"

Omega: "SVER is fine the way it is, but I'd like to see our Interdiction operations to be expanded and improved. I know you can't ask for everything, but as of now, our only true weakness as of late, has been trying to improve our victories in Interdiction. I imagine if we were to have more operatives interested in improving our stance in Interdiction, we could easily own all the contracts."

Tom: "A bold statement from a bold soldier. Any final remarks you have to say to the world before we sign off?"

Omega: "Wars teach us not to love our enemies, but to hate our allies." -W. L. George


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