Monday, October 4, 2010

Valor Destroyers Fire their First Shots
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Olivia Darby: "Striking efforts over the past weekend were made by Valor during the initial stages of what looks to be an invasion of SVER-occupied Vietnam. Vietnam, a dedicated member of the SVER Collective, was struck by mortar and rocket fire all throughout the past weekend. On Saturday, an estimated 15 men were dead in the coast town of Deng Yang due to one mortar blast alone.
Many will probably remember that Valor had staged their naval fleet off the coasts of Vietnam with the intention of keeping territorial waters around their newly acquired territories in Korea, safe. The claims made by Valor now appear, as they regularly do, to be a cover up while they planned their real military operations. To date, Valor representatives have not made any public statement, and GNN eagerly awaits a public forum or discussion on the matter.
Raven Tank, Destroyed near Villiage
Also in military news, the combat engagements seen throughout the weekend in Africa have died off dramatically, with Raven forces retreating to their primary defensive lines near the Congo River. Raven's retreat came quickly after SVER netted oil negotiation contracts by dramatically lowering the price of distributive oil throughout the Collective as well as cutting off Raven's connection to far Eastern oil deposits near Somalia. For now, Raven remains in remission, but their defensive positions have yet to fall.
Lastly, in economic news, the SVER Collective has once again risen to the top of the economic ladder. The influence of PMCs and the new PMC-infused government (The Collective) has had a remarkable effect on commodities throughout the world. As a result, it could net more popularity or unpopularity for specific governments and their representative PMCs. For example, Coca Cola, sold worldwide, can be bought in America for about $1.00 per can. But in the New Mexican Republic, it costs about $1.60. But in the SVER Collective, where goods are purchased on a mass scale by government provisions, Coca Cola cans cost a mere $0.70. The same can be seen in other commodities, like food, cars, and building tools. The SVER Collective's ability to soup together funding from all their representative governments give them an obvious edge. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out in the developing "Raven State."
The Raven State, as it has been come to be termed, has been growing since late August. It's position in the world is meant to stabilize it's representative nations at the behest of those conquered. Much like a totalitarian empire, it is difficult to get information from the Raven State without public word from it's representatives.
Thanks for tuning in. We will keep you updated as developments occur."

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