Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SVER .vs. Valor Tensions Heat Up

Shipments out of Brazil Slow due to Military Traffic Monitoring
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Olivia Darby: "Olivia Darby reporting live from London. Our coverage today centers on the economic slowdowns in the SVER European Collective, which has seen dramatic slow downs as a result of a shift in government spending and demand. Brazilian Collective Representative Hugo Riveras made statements questioning the SVER Collective's dedication to equitable interests due to a slow down in goods shipments from Europe. The statements were made in reference to the recent cutback in naval distribution allowed by SVER authorities on the basis that more ships were needed to transport troops away from Brazil and toward the frontlines of Africa and Vietnam. At the same time however, Raven's regiments along the Amazon River, while not agitated, have been seen bulking up over the past few days.
Valor Invaded Coastlines of East Vietnam Tuesday Afternoon
Our main story however focuses back on Vietnam and the struggle between Valor and SVER troops along the coastline. In a daring midnight operation, Valor troops landed via helocopter and C8 Transport planes early Tuesday night, taking key positions along the coast city of Ba Ria. Only 25 minutes from Ho Chi Minh city, and connected by a large central highway, the small staging area gives Valor a decent enough position to push forward into Vietnam territory. In a drawn out fight, members of the FGB division of Valor beat back small regiments of the SVER Red Guard. Our Valor field reporter, Vince Adams has the story..."
Vince Adams: "Thanks Olivia. Valor's military representative Miguel Herrera made statements early Tuesday stating that
"Our deception in the far East was necessary to maintain our own security. Just as SVER feels it can justify security with territorial absorption, so can we."
SVER Army APCs Seen Already Moving in to Reinforce Coastal Areas
Regiments from Valor's ARx Rebels and the 401st Army were deployed to the region, and were the principal reason for the success of their invasion. As a result of Valor's recent successes in the far East, and their economic benefits seen back home, many have enlisted among their ranks and have been breaking up into various military divisions ready for deployment. One division in particular, is tasked by Valor military high officers to become the largest and most effective fighting unit in their army, known only by their tag: =V=
Vietnam is looking to be questionable for the Collective Olivia, and from the sentiments of Valor officials around here, it does not appear like they are going to leave unless pushed out."
Olivia Darby: "Thanks Vince. Stay safe.
In European news, the stability of the Collective has been put in question by a negative growth in economic prosperity as a result of slow downs between Europe and South America. From poll reports and the general attitude of government leaders however, it seems clear that support for the Collective is at an all time high. Meanwhile, economic growth within other regions of the world brings harsh criticism not on ends but rather means. Representatives from the so-called Raven State had this to say late Wednesday,

Vicki Rud: "The SVER Collective succeeds by living meagerly. They don't expect anything out of themselves and they live like lazy slaves to a puppet police state. Rather than promote individualism and self prosperity, they share their fortunes and expect others to do the same. It's a travesty and it's something we will not allow."

We Will bring you more as stories develop."

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SVER: Tom Bodazian, Raven: Rebecca Ruiz, Valor: Vince Adams