Friday, October 15, 2010

Raven Strikes at Brazil Again!

Last Sat Com Photo Received of the Amazon River Defense Region
From GNN:
Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London for GNN.
Reports have been flooding in since the breakdown of communication to Brazil early Friday morning. GNN sattellites have been unable to confirm or deny the presense of Raven troops in the region due to some new kind of blackout that disrupts sattelite transmission without diffusing communication. So rather than a picture, all we see is garbled code.
 What sparked word over the breakdown was the last call from a SVER Army bunker stationed along the 14th parallel of the Amazon River. At approx 9:30am, a report was sent back to SVER Army HQ in Teresena stating 'Large influx of Raven armored vehicles crossing Amazon with transport rafts'. Afterward, no more communication was made and the troops at the bunker have not responded to calls. One military spokesman for the SVER Collective had this to say,
'All we know at this point is that Raven had crossed into SVER Collective territory. We have no news about any deaths or outbreak of fighting. While it would be wrong to presume that Raven has made a deliberate attack, I cannot rationalize another explanation for their actions.'
Raven APC sitting in Egyptian Town of Khabla
Raven's actions came at an interesting time considering their high level of military activity devoted to stabilizing and militarizing North Africa. Most military analysts had been led to believe that the bulk of Raven's forces were deployed to Africa as a means of destabilizing the SVER Collective's interests worldwide, but it seems to many to be extremely questionable why Raven would provoke SVER's borders with their army so vastly spread out. Some have started to speculate that Raven's military operations are much larger than previously perceived, and it is possible that despite not having the most territory under their control, Raven may just have the largest and most effective military force in the world.
SVER APCs Heading Down Highway 1, the Collective Trade Route
We turn now to Vietnam, where open fighting has broken out as SVER forces have taken the initiative to push Valor military forces off the South Western beachheads. SVER sent in troop and light armored divisions to assault the area, and have managed to halt all advances. On the same token however, regiments of the SVER Red Guard have been attempting to disrupt the region for over 15 hours and has netted nothing but losses from enemy artillery.
Lone SVER Recon Scout Marches into 'No Man's Land'
The losses have turned the situation into a world war 1-style stalemate where both armies sit fixed between a region of 'no mans land'. Occasionally artillery batteries from Ho Chi Minh city, or from Valor's naval fleet, fire up and turn the area into hell. But since 9:32pm Thursday night, neither army has made an advance.
That is all we have for today, we will bring you more news as it develops."