Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rumor Confirmation: Valor's 6D9 Clan goes to Raven

In a stunning turn of events, we've just received news from reliable sources that 6D9, one of the more prominent Valor Clans has gone to Raven. We've definitely got mixed emotions about this, while we've heard countless horror stories about Valor Blue Dots, isn't that just something you deal with as part of that faction? Every PMC has this. As a supposedly "elite" clan aren't you supposed to "lead the way" on your faction? This is something we'd expect from a clan of blue-dots quite honestly. Running to Raven with your tail between your legs isn't the way to go. Raven was as bad as a PMC could be when the game launched, but you never once saw The Dark Flock run over to Valor or EZ Mode. We thought their motto was "We get SHIT done." not "We CUT and RUN." our mistake.

Some clans are just supposed to carry their PMC's flagship no matter how dire the circumstances. We didn't like it when Hulk Hogan went "evil" and we don't like it now.We had our panel of Blog Writers chime in, Here's what they thought:

Raven Guy: While we appreciate the acknowledgement as Raven being the #1 Power in MAG right now, we don't need their help. We did all of that without them, right? To me its lame, and they look like bandwagon-jumpers. But I guess "if you can't beat them, join them'" and "imitation is the purest form of flattery," after all. Weren't these guys saying they were the best clan on Valor not so long ago? We've already got a #1 Clan. So you come over here to play second-fiddle to the Flock? Some friends from the SAW clan went to Valor not so long ago and weren't well received at all, and to be honest, few solid clans trust or group up with them now that they've shown the propensity for "traitoring"...coming over to the "flavor of the month" to share in our already-won victories? GO HOME 6D9, we don't go sleeveless over here.

SVER Guy: Huh? Why don't elite clans ever come to the land of victories and hockey masks? Joking! Yeah I tend to agree. Worst thing since Lebron couldn't take the pressure of being "the guy" in Cleveland and went to the Heat, except they were like the 3rd or 4th best clan on Valor (ARx, GUN and V-C were all better) so its kinda like Ilgauskas going to the Heat, LOL!At best, they'll play fourth-fiddle to the Flock, AIR and DOA, so I just don't get it.

Valor Guy: We were as surprised as anyone, but to be honest I never knew that zade_86 was their leader (looked him up on MAG last night) and I don't think most people did, either. I always thought Yamomoto was their best spokesman/leader and that he was the brains behind that outfit. (notice who we interviewed) Why that crew of Ravenous Lions would submit to being led by a Lamb is beyond me. That's the worst job of picking a leader since Sithis was made the head of 3C. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Well those are the opinions of our 3-man MAG panel, CHIME IN MAG Vets.


  1. I sent Yam a message. I've got to confirm this for myself first.

  2. Hey, sometimes the gaming becomes more like a job than a way to kick back with friends and it's always been more so for Valor. We work every day twice as hard to keep up with the the Easy-mode PMC du'jour. I don't begrudge any Valor PMC a vacation from the grind, just make sure you remember where your home is! We hope you'll be back soon enough and I fully expect 6D9 to show Dark Flock what the 'back of the bus' looks like when you're rockin the MVP slots Valor style.

    Plus, it's not like they can't rock out 6D9 across all three PMCs now. With multiple character slots there's no reason any clan shouldn't be able to go try and prove in any PMC what they're made of.

  3. I respectfully disagree, no REAL Valor Clan vets over to Raven to "win more". we're trying to setup a follow-up interview with this zade_86 clown, however.

  4. We'll have to agree to disagree. If I had to estimate, playing through the 'other' PMCs atleast twice each has made me that much better of a Valor soldier. Not to mention give me a higher appreciation of my own PMC.
    I especially love how coming from Valor I could go from level 1 to 20 in SVER in about 1.5 hours at the top of the MVP list every time.
    As for REAL Valor clans, I wouldn't be suprised if they're just trying to level up their B & C character slots in other PMCs now before the beta testing finishes since it will be MUCH harder then...

  5. Why name-call without actually getting reasons from the clan brass? "We CUT and RUN" "zade_86 clown"?


  6. my views don't necessarily reflect the views of the blog, but we've got some pretty good sources that say this was centered around wanting to "win more." we'll definitely give this zade_86 a chance to respond. I had Harmon send him a pm.

  7. @ Yumi

    This blog has been upfront about having a member from each PMC, so they can voice their perspective as a loyalist from each PMC. Their balance comes from the trifecta view point.

  8. and while i don't agree with him calling zade a "clown" i'll fight for his right to say it. Does anyone have zade's PSN? the PMs i'm sending him are bouncing back.

  9. wow. is this for real? insulting me? first time even read this site, after getting a PM on mag forums. And saying im a bad leader? Wow. Dunno if i should even do this interview now. Do you even deserve one? You guys dont even know me. Whoever said we 4th best in valor, is a joke. And raven, whoever you are, actually alot of raven clans welcome us to join raven. So get your facts stright first, what a joke. And valor guy? if you didnt know i was even leader, then you sir, are not a real valor person. Every known valor person knows this. What a joke.

  10. Great, I am all about OPED's and it's your blog after all but the "Valor Loyalist" didn't know that zade was 6D9's leader... yet judges him as less of a leader than Yamamoto?

    I'm just saying that even OPED's should remain considerate, this blog post is outright rude.