Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SVER Responds Big

SVER T-80s Rolling Down Central Plaza, Cape Town, S.A.

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London as the streets of South Africa are filled with scenes like above. Cape Town in particular was militarized by a division of SVER armored T-80s, from what looks like it in preparation for a large military drive out of the country. As most should be aware, SVER established a foothold and trade outpost in South Africa through the ports of Cape Town well over 4 months ago. They took the territory from Valor, and ever since has brought questionable economic growth to the region (with some areas seing lots of benefit, like Port cities, and others seing disaster, like inland townships).

SVER Red Guard Troops Marching the Streets of Cape Town

Not even Raven was able to comment on their operations North of SVER in the Congo before Priya Khan made her opening statements regarding SVER's new initiative;

Priya Khan: "We will not wait. We will not sit around and allow Raven to take advantage of certain situations. We will show our defensive force and we will use it to the utmost of its capability."

The situation between both Raven and SVER has heated up over the past few weeks over various issues. From Great Britain, to Brazil and now to Western Africa, the agitation between these two PMCs seems to be unsatisfiable. Many of us here at home in Britain are now beginning to question the motives of PMCs in general, aside from their desire to unite governments. At this point, it's really about how you'd like to see the world end up, in order to pick your side.

Brazil has seen a complete shut down of military operations, despite it being the most overt border between SVER and Raven. Brazil reached minor economic trade agreements with Venezuela, and as such has begun to open up political ties to Raven-represented nations. The military however, remains extremely cautious of all materials that cross the Amazonian-border. Ruthless 2-mile checkpoints can take up to 3 hours to get through, and without papers from both Raven and SVER representatives approving the transportation of goods, there is no chance of crossing the border. Mines, anti-tank traps, and a multitude of machine gun and sniper emplacements cover the "no mans land" that is the Amazon River. SVER and Raven troops can even occasionally be seen flicking each other off. The area for now however, remains a neutral non-combat zone.

With one side of the world in a stalemate, both Raven and SVER are eager to see how the situation in Africa develops, and more importantly, if Valor has any input. For now, all we have are unanswered questions. This is Olivia Darby, out."