Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Suggestion: Negative XP for Bad Strikes

One of the better suggestions we've seen over MAG's history has been would-be consequences for calling in Air-Strikes when the AAA is up. If the bomber isn't going to abandon his bombing run (another suggestion) there simply have to be some form of punishment for wasting precious leadership abilities.

A forum poster, Zero_Absolon was the best suggestion we've seen put into words related to this. Here's a link to his thread on the MAG Forums:


  1. Yeah, I've done it. Anyone on here that says they haven't is lying. It would suck to get neg XP for it, though it would definitely make me think twice about wasting precious strikes again (atleast for awhile.)
    Sometimes you don't have the time to double check the AAA status. Many times the strike absolutely positively has to be on target right then, and when you hear an AA battery rip your pilot's plane in half and the enemy dance in your green/blue/yellow smoke column you just whack yourself on the forehead, shoulder the consequences like a man and blame blue dots for letting the enemy get the AAA up.

  2. Yes, I have done it a time or two myself but no amount of negative XP will compare to the embarassment I felt when I should have known better, and not to mention the entire clan hackin' on me for the next three hours...sheesh