Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suggestion: In-Game Notification of Leadership Change

This great and long-overdue suggestion is courtesy of Plymco Pilgrim. How many times have you been selected as a leader by a Quitter or by someone that was disconnected and been totally unaware? While being given leadership mid-game should never affect our W/L stats as an OIC, Platoon or Squad Leader if someone is unprepared for one of these positions they should have the option of declining it immediately, or at the very least, being aware of their new responsibilities.

Plymco Wrote: I've had it happen a lot of times where our SL either gives it up or quits and then I end up being SL and have no clue for several minutes...usually someone either yells at me or votes me for not doing anything which is how I find out.  

MAG is an ever-changing game and for the most part Zipper makes a sincere  attempt to make the game as user-friendly and intelligent as possible. So we're hoping to see changes like this in the near future.