Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Suggestion: Brand Team-Killers as Traitors

Team-Killing is easily one of the most debated and hot-button issues in MAG. Many argue team-killing is the singular, most disruptive, enjoyment-draining activity threatening the game right now.

BearWalken1982 suggests something a little more aggressive and deep:
The traitor should be branded a red dot once the offense has been made. Player would appear as an red dot to us while still remaing a red dot to the enemy. Don't want some B.S. where a full squad of traitors start fighting and gaining points for the enemy. A +20xp would be placed on his/her head. A total of +25xp would be awarded to the loyal soldier who takes out the garbage. +5xp for the kill, +20xp for the bounty collected. The same +5xp for the enemy soldier who takes care of him/her. Nothing more. When the traitor is killed off. He/she automatcially gets kicked from the match. And to really get the point across that this B.S. won't be tolerated. Ban him from that exact game mode for the next 10 matches. If they want to continue that B.S. when the ban has been lifted. Do the same thing all over again. Just add 10 more matches to his/her ban.  

Also, demotion in rank/level and xp points would be in effect.

While we like these elements, we have to make certain that people that kill friendlies "by mistake" aren't subjected to these penalties. With that in mind, we're big proponents of the "three-strikes you're out" policy where you're subject to these penalties after your third team-kill. We especially like the demotion in rank/level and negative xp associated. These would serve as a proper penalty to deal with traitors.


  1. Totally agree, there should be some kind of penalty for TK's. I too like the 3 strikes policy, it shows the TKing is being done on purpose.

    If a blue dot gets in your line of fire you'll see the international symbol for "NO" (circle with slash) and you can stop firing, preventing a TK.

    I feel a 10 game ban would be to harsh, maybe 3 at the very most would suffice. It would still get the message across to those TKing on purpose but also would not severely punish a very unfortunate newb in a larger game mode like DOM.

  2. How about just not letting people queue into a game where there are X number of people in that game that have them on their block list?
    Sabo = 2 people blocking you, you can't queue.
    Acqui = 3 people blocking ""
    Domi = 4 people "".

    Let these TKers suffer the worst punishment in MAG, LONG QUEUE TIMES!

  3. I agree team killing is a pain. there have been clans founded devoted to it. i would like to add that if you kill in the spawn or behind the redline they should be booted immediately. that really drives me crazy.

  4. I totally agree something worthwhile has to be done as clans who intentionally go after another clan in a Domination match and disrupt the other friendlies game should then be made as enemies to other blue dots. One Raven clan has gone from being respectable clan to being TKers and well should be punished for it if they were to continue what is one of the worst things you can do in MAG.

    If it makes it so they cannot play for 24 hours after being auto-kicked from a game for TKing then that may be good also.