Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sources Inside 6D9 Dispute Zade86!

While we fully intend to get to the "bottom" of things in our second interview with 6D9's Zade86, two sources inside 6D9 attest that not only did everyone NOT vet over to Raven (many, like Omnico left the clan because they felt like they were going for the wrong reasons) the sole purpose of the move was that Zade didn't want to lose his best and most popular player: Yamomoto.

These same sources say that Yamomoto (who they all acknowledge is the REAL leader of 6D9) was vetting to Raven because the Weapons and Blue-Dots were better and rather than lose him, Zade ran along after him. While these are certainly fiery accusations, we'll certainly give Zade the opportunity to dispute them. The sources also provided evidence from WITHIN 6D9 to prove their accusations.

 "Sacred Prodigy called it from the beginning when they decided this stuff. The clan's falling apart." The source stated. "No one's logging on anymore. A bunch of people still haven't vetted over (and probably won't) and Zade chasing Yamomoto just made him look silly." You can bet we'll get answers from Zade as soon as we're able to setup Part 2 of his interview. STAY TUNED.


  1. and yamomoto isnt the best in 6D9.. wtf?

  2. you sure? apparently he is since you guys tagged along after him...who's the best in 6D9 then?

  3. noone tagged along after him. That story is ridiculous. If anything this proves, dont beleive everything a journo says.

  4. i would like to know where the basis of this story comes from?

  5. I think its kinda funny how you guys start posting things that has no account of actual FACTS. Or ask people and say their names as the resource.

    FOR instance. Omnico left the clan a long ass time ago, way before we even decided to vet.
    The story goes like this as Im going to put up a journal of things then.

    We were playing multiple games MYself and many other members. Omnico was complaining about not getting any kills and how we kept redlining when we defended and when we attacked he only got 2-5 kills for the entire game.

    Myself and MAynard6Echo said 'fine then we are going to roam the map then and look for things and take pictures so you can get kills.' While we were defending. Our team redlined the enemy once again and Myself and MAynard were goofing off taking alot of pictures. (Since you posted pics of the site you can see a couple of them in the picture section of the site, maybe you should browse through it first.) Then the nub raged saying the same BS nonsense due to the fact that he couldnt get 35 kills that game either. (I will say I get plenty of kills and tend to get more than most and many occasion of games.)

    Omnico then ran off immediatly into Raven after that game, deleting his character without saying a word but his nonsense about he couldnt get any kills. He talked shit on Raven, even when we beat him, outscored and Outkilled him in everygame. Next thing I see UP$ takes him in as an officer (Wow.... a clan takes our scrap left overs. W O W ) And he thinks he is the shit but every game I kill him in and seen him, he rage quit. Once he came back to Valor and joined UP$ there, every single game he rage quit in the begining after seeing I was in the same game.

    The following week it kept happening so I sent him a message stating that he shouldnt back out a game and talk shit at the same time, you cant prove a point. Some odd reason he says that I suck at MAG and he beats me all the time... which is highly doubtful and proven. Then right after that... what happens? I see 4 UP$ in the same game as us! AND they didnt quit! AMAZING!

    I Outscored AND Outkilled all of them AGAIN, then sent Omnico a message stating that he could never outkill me. He never responded since.
    Do I smell Defeat!!!!
    (Yes this is a message directed to one person, NOT the clan. as per what was stated at the begining of the post, and the journal stating that someone left for a reason that had no affiliation to 6D9 clan vetting over.)

    Heres even more to add on!!!

    Sacred Prodigy has not been on to play with us ever since the first week he joined. To say someone called it is stupid when they just joined the clan. When he logs on his PS3 he imediatly logs out, and has not played MAG in a long time to make a call, which I dont see but his post saying that we shouldnt vet. One person that I see in the pictures.

    The fact that anyone hardly gets on anymore is due to the fact that School starts up and work picks back up due to the summer being over. To quote that is quite irrational and simple minded due to the change of season. Everyone is well aware of the facts that Summer has more free time for anybody than any other time of the year.

    Everyone did NOT vet over due to them being under lvl 60 or they didnt want to vet that account over. MAny people have made an alternate account, have not been on OR in the process of moving over.

    The SOLE purpose of the move was to make the game interesting once more. NOT to follow one player becuase they vetted over. Yamomoto is indeed one of the best players in MAG but that is not the reason 6D9 vetted over.

    I would definatly say that I would know more about the situation next to YAM than anyone that you get your 'sources' from.

    Oh... an another thing JUST for the pictures. Ever thought that we talk more on the forum posts that visitors cant see?

    Stay tuned for the next BioJackel tells the truth post and explains it all.


    (o.o) <--- Bunny

  6. lmfao this blog is starting to become more about 6D9 then anything else.

    now i think these "faction reps" are just trying to get more hilarious words from zade ("who the fuck is this")so people read their entries more hahaha.

    1. omnico left the clan because he cryed about not getting 35 kills and going negative most of the time.

    2. who the hell recognizes me as the leader of 6D9? all i do is talk to people in different factions/clans, so i act as 6D9's PR (public relations)... which i can easily say i have way better people skills then this joke of a blog...

    3. i/my clan cant vet over to get trophies/a new look at this game? dam this must be a more serious game then i thought.

    4. honestly talk about something more important like a good clan on MAG rather then "this garbage clan"? seeing as the "factions reps" thing so low of us they certainly put alot of their attention at us dont you think?

    and yes, i am slightly angry at this blog/interveiwers, they show no professionalism and alot of immaturity towards a game.

    and (yea i know bio already said this but) we have a paid website right, what clan doesnt have private threads on their website? we talked about vetting to another faction ALOT, and yes several times it(the idea of vetting over) did get shot down alot by several members(including me several times)but this game is getting boring when you & most of my clan gets 70+ kills a game(defending), and runs over a map in less then 5mins(attacking).

    and this has been said alot of times aswell, that 6D9 doesnt play larger game types. here are some reasons.
    1. domo games are usually very laggy.
    2. if we dont get PL or OIC the next guy is usually a retard and doesnt know how to jam the other side, or calls out stupid stuff for no dam reason.
    3. ACQ ques take way too long for the little amount of time 6D9 plays daily.
    4. INTERDICTION, honestly we all got it the first day it came out and played the crap out of it (ask V-C or =+=, new era not val's elite). but as soon as there was only 2 games being played at a time we dropped that game mode just like everyone else.
    5.sabo was the easiest to QUE up and to get several games in before we went on with our daily lives.

  7. Why is a big deal being made over 6D9. Lol, Who cares what they do. They have to be good first.

  8. 6D9 are one of the best in MAG. But shouldnt be the centre of attention. Thought is quite interesting.

  9. I have it on good authority that they vetted because the majority of them couldnt stand valor anymore... MacroLover especially. Look on their website they even have a poll on whether or not to vett way before this blog supposedly says yamomoto vetted. Don't believe everything you read kids especially from blogs.

  10. 1. First of all I don't hate Valor, I HATE idiot blue dots on valor and its an uncontested fact that there are alot of them on Valor.

    2. Omnico wasn't even in 6D9 when we started discussing vetting let alone actually vetted. He had left about a month before any vetting discussions took place because he didn't "fit in" with the rest of 6D9 (it was his choice to leave).

    3. No one in 6D9 would follow another player be it Yamomoto or anyother to another PMC. We all have alot of PRIDE not only in ourselves but the 6D9 clan as a whole. So get your facts right and quit pulling this journalistic sensationalism BS and passing it off as fact.

    4. So we vetted (we decided as a clan and yes we even took a vote on it that lasted 2 weeks) what business is it of any outsider. We have valid reasons for vetting that are no ones concern but ours. Are we looking to be carried NO we are tired of doing the carrying. And so are alot of the good valor clans. I know from first hand knowledge that they are tired of carrying LOSER blue dots. Whats a loser blue dot? I would need an encyclopedia length text box to explain.

    On a personal note I am sick and tired of having to not only get our objective but the other squads objective as well on valor. This happens ALOT 75% of the time. The remaining percentage is due to playing with a good clan (and there are a few solid ones you know who you are because I always send a GG). I am sick of having to NOT play a defending acquisition because its almost a guaranteed loss due to the incompetence of the other platoon. To those solid clans in valor I salute you and look forward to playing against you. To the loser blue dots on valor eat sh!t and die or better yet join sver.

  11. I still wanna know who the best in 6D9 is. please don't say zade86. LOL!

  12. noone is best in 6D9,, noone is worse. We are a clan, we are either good together or not at all.

    and why you laughing? guess you got hate on me, im use to it dont worry, dont be mad if ive killed you too many times :D

  13. ^HS%>All other stats, eh?

  14. nar just pure skill of killing. But being headshot master comes in handy :P

  15. ive played with and against zade, and the guy gets ridiculous amounts of headshots. Not just against randoms but against clans and other good players aswell.
    really good player in my opinion.

  16. As a member of FBR (who also tries to carry the Valor squads of dumb blue dots) i regret the loss of such a good clan, but in the same way, salute you guys in your next chapter, i hope that if we find you guys (6D9) we can put up a good fight. For those who still on Valor, keep your hopes high always, to the clans who went away, lets have a good friendly match, you guys are good, keep the good work.

  17. thanks m8, same goes to you :D keep valor solid back there wont you. Hope to get a chance to play you guys :)

  18. Strange, never even heard of this Clan until this week when they started quitting out of Raven Domination games within the first 3 minutes. Seems if someone gets near their bunker they will drop out the instant the plant starts flashing.

  19. I like how you delete everything posted on here that isn't some kind of slander towards our clan. Could one of you PM me on PSN so perhaps we can get this sorted. My PSN is Colossus524.

  20. Why dont you guys interview the lower members about it? not just officers. seems kinda bias -_- also ye zade is leader and he didnt vet. nor is the clan coming apart.

  21. We gonna try Zade, but as you know, Valor is just getting worse and worse, but i believe FBR is staying for the nightmare, someone has to help the noobs and dont make people trash talk Valor. If me and my clan are going to lose, at least we will try to give some fighting back :)
    Once again, to you guys at 6D9, all the best, and if someday you people jump in Valor once more, lets fight together.