Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rumor Mill: Valor Alliance Brewing?

According to some one our sources inside this so-called Allliance, BHz, KEQ, and V-C have a tentative alliance (Stylie77, Kushmir and JLongshot are the respective clan leaders). Are they forming a super-clan? Apparently not, While all three clans will remain intact they have all agreed to start launching together as often as possible. They're also being said to be recruiting two more Valor of which is fairly well known (TBA).

If there is one advantage Valor has is that it apparently has many level-headed players and clan leaders. (How can you not be level-headed and stay over here for a year with these maps?) Plan on seeing the three clans above and more when clan/group deploy hits and probably as early as this weekend via organized queue syncing.

Our source also confirmed that KEQ and BHz (3 total squads) tested these waters late last week and ran over SVER Acq in under 6 minutes and a V-C/TUA group was said to do it in under five. We know...randoms, right? No Such luck..we have confirmations that 3C was in attendance in BOTH games. However, last night BHz grouped up with V-C (this was said to be randomly, but we have our doubts after the Aralkum debacle) on G & H, 4th Platoon Valor Domination and despite increased attacking spawn times and being jammed FIRST, they managed to hold off SVER just outside the letters after regrouping from the initial wave. At the very least one squad of Spider Co. was attacking us at G & H as well....clearly not randoms.

Exciting things seem to be underway in the land of tank-tops and LMGs, folks.


  1. Respectively, it's actually:
    BHz - JLongshot
    KEQ - Stylie77
    V-C - Kushmir

  2. OH JOY. something tells me these sources are about to start getting out of hand (anything for a PSN card I suppose) we're going to have to go "need to know" basis only on our info :) to prevent leaks.

  3. Valor FTW. Literally.

    There will be no giving up A/B for "more fun" at C.

    That's giving up a Major Victory, for a more "stat friendly" Minor Victory, and gives attackers a chance to catch you slipping. All it takes is 1 squad out of that attacking platoon to be beasts, flank hard and rip the scrubs at C up, while all the so called "leets" are trying to pwn Paratroopers.

    Crap like that is why Valor doesn't take first in Sabo anymore, most of the Valor Clans that are playing it are playing for stats, not the win.

    My clan plays for the win, literally FTW, at all costs.

  4. And thats why the only clan id join that isnt VE would be KEQ. We let them take AB twice yesterday on Raven simply because of the boredom coupled with the ridiculous spawn times. And i dont see how this is a new alliance seeing as its essentially the same one that was in TTT.

  5. Amen Stylie, i never got that "let's all go back to C" idiocy, we go balls for the pursuit of MAJOR victories. anything else is unacceptable.

  6. TBA doesnt seem interested, guess they know where they belong...sabotage...same old valor bullshitters

  7. Bco4-31 V-C clan officerSeptember 3, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    Ive seen the lets go back to "C" usually ends up in a loss. The name of the game is hold all targets or so you would think..... Our clan (V-C) is about honor. You will not catch us doing that!!!!

  8. Really? theyre still doing this drop back to "C" thing? we need better training over at valor on how the game actually works and how to be a team... i will personally take a noob under my wing and teach him...can we get a big brother program going out there? noobs anonymous?