Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumor Mill: Raven Alliances Abound!

 As Raven tightens their hold on Domination of the world's Private Military Contracts, new reports are pouring in from sources within their ranks detailing mergers within Raven SpecOps units. Raven operators from AOD and the Imperium Company reportedly have decided to unite under one flag.

 6D9 (formerly Valor, and considered by some to be BlackWater-style mercs available to the highest bidder) have reportedly merged with Raven's Red Dot Disposal (Mr.) sources inside the merger say that while a (Mr) and Spider Co. unification seemed to be in the works, 6D9 outbid the Spider Company offer. Will 6D9 fly under the (Mr.) flag? Or vice vera? No one knows. Indications are that Spider Company is still seeking to merge with a currently unnamed Raven SpecOps branch. We'll continue to investigate and use our sources inside for details.

Lastly, there are unconfirmed reports that El_Capitrucho, widely considered by some to be the best SpecOps operator in the world, has joined forces with the ~^~ branch of the Mossad. If true, this is a coup for Raven, "The Captain" was largely considered a mercenary after leaving the Spetznaz division of SVER's 3C, but if reports are true he may finally have found a home with a SpecOps Branch. We've reached out to them for a comment, but true to form this mysterious branch of Raven's Black Ops continues to be shrouded in secrecy.


  1. I love how off Magvets always is. But it's good to see you guys keep trying to provide some news.

    Here's the news magvets. Well let you know when it happens but when it does, it will blow you away. The merger will bring together some of the best players in Mag with the kinds of numbers capable of single clan dom deployment. BTW, there's more than 2 clans merging in the works here. Were looking at 3 to 4 clans coming together under a single banner.

  2. Hey man if you think Magvets is off, then give us more intel!

  3. well try to keep you posted a bit more. Glad to see there is a mag news site though. Keep up the good work

  4. BREAKING NEWS: Former SVER Operative "Alyoyo" has left his post as one of the highest ranking officers in SVER to join up with ~^~ Dark Flock. We will have more details as the situation develops, but with EL_CAPITRUCHO and Alyoyo joining Raven Industries, this is sure to shake up the Shadow War to its very foundation.

  5. We want the Alyoyo exclusive interview after his exodus to raven! Love him or Hate him, he gave one of the best interviews to date. Alyoyo if you're out there we want to hear from you.